Bloomsky Weather Station

I just noticed my UV has a reading above 1. It’s only 2 but it’s the first time I’ve seen it move. The API is reporting the same. as is WU. App is showing 5/6. The app matches nearby stations.on WU

The pressure in the BS app seems to be off (low) for me. The data from BS dashboard, BS web, and WU match and seems to be correct.

Low tech (also lazy) guy needs some help. About a year ago I did my first custom IDE thing for my Bloomsky. It worked perfect & then stopped updating. I also have a new Storm hooked up & wondering if I can get both to report to ST app again.

I would appreciate it if somebody can give me some hints on how to fix this.

Storm support was added to the DTH back in February, I think. See post# 1723 for the github info.

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The API web link changed around Nov is I recall. You have to update you DT anf it will update the API and Storm info and you’ll be good.


Got bored yesterday and the weather underground picture delay kicked my ocd (mild lol) into overdrive. I was finally able to get my bloomsky picture current on ActionTiles. There are a lot of parts involved so things can easily go wrong but it would do for now until I find a simpler way.

I used IFTTT to upload to a specific folder in Dropbox that is synched to computer that is on 24/7. I then used Folder Agent to monitor this folder and rename any incoming bloomsky image that will usually be named filename (1).jpg to just filename.jpg, Within Folder Agent, I upload the file to my webserver using a powershell script after each rename.

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How did you get BS IFTTT connection working again ? Mine has been down since the " big update" last fall. I just tried again and IFTTT freezes on the “which bloomsky device” menu.
I really miss the latest pic as background on phone & watch

I wasn’t aware that it was down. I just created my recipe last Friday.

I use this for WU and ActionTiles
"" You can right click on your webbcam image and get the image address,

Like: Which gives the following picture and updates every 5 minutes.

I was using the same prior to my experiment, but the delayed display was bugging me. It was bright out and my image still showing the night time pic. I had actiontiles refreshing every 6 mins.

I’m pretty disappointed about that as well. A big reason for getting the sky2 was lux readings, and I’m SOL. The UV reading is constantly at 9999 as well, soooooo. bunk.

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How did you add your Bloomsky to Weather Underground? That is the part I don’t fully understand. I have Station ID on Weather Underground, but don’t know what to do next.

Go to and follow the prompts to add your BS to your WUN station

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What do you use for “Camera ID”? Same as “Station ID”?

I had to add cam separately ,then add the cam to the station, but I believe that has changed.


I finally got it to work. I had to add the cam separately, but I had to wait about 12 hours after I added it for it to be visible.


debug Error - callAPI(): org.codehaus.groovy.runtime.metaclass.MethodSelectionException: Could not find which method leftShift() to invoke from this list:
public java.util.Map java.util.Map#leftShift(java.util.Map)
public java.util.Map java.util.Map#leftShift(java.util.Map$Entry)

Well, here we go again … :unamused: … hope this is short-lived.

Same here but my data is updating fine.

And now the error is gone for me. Wierd. And it’s back. LOL

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I haven’t kept up on this post but I know some are talking API so I thought I’d throw out an update. I was working on a magic mirror and notice the rain rate and totals were off. After reviewing the API docs, doing some calculating, and submitting a ticket with Bloomsky I found that despite the claim their API returns imperial units by default, the rain info is in metric. I have requested they either update their API docs or fix the API. They’ve said they’ll fix the API, but they didn’t say when.

If you’re making something that integrates with the BS API, be prepared for your rain values to be wrong (if you desire imperial units).