Bloomsky Weather Station

my device handler is 2.0.1 this chart is of course over several versions but I have been updating fairly quickly to the newest version

mine seems to goto about 2-4 at night and 3200-3400 or so all day… and the jump is very very quick. the two drops mid day seem to be the clouds covering the sun for a bit

Well I cant comment on a bright sunny day I dont live in the Pacific North West but I feel that way for the last week or so.

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I’ve noticed two things since yesterday:

  • Temp is not always being updated in the ST app. I often have to refresh it manually.
  • I’m not actually sure the “water detection” tile works. It’s been raining alot here and while my BS has been almost covered in snow the “water” icon stays gray. Is this normal?

Thank for your great work!

I’d just like to say that THIS response is the info I needed.

“initial state” means nothing without context, and I would never have thought it was a reference to a web site. Hooray for complete answers!

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Also see

I just started trying it out today

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I have not been able to connect Bloomsky unit to the Bloomsky app for the week i have had it. Filled out the form last Friday so BS could manually set it up on the back end, but unit still shows as OFFLINE.

I talked to BS Support and they stated they will email me a fix tomorrow or next early next week.

I am on a Galaxy S4. Has anyone else successfully setup the BS unit with an S4?

Hopefully I won’t have to wait until 3/11 when I get my new S7 to have BS working…

This is really cool. I wish I could do this on my iOS devices also!

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me too I dont have an android but would love to update wallpaper like this

[quote=“greg, post:1057, topic:38202”]
I’m digging the IFTTT rule to auto-update my Android background with my current Bloomsky photo. :sunglasses:

[/quote]I had this turned on for a few days, but it burned a lot of mobile data so I turned it off. I don’t see a way to restrict it to Wi-Fi - anyone know a way?

hmm thanks for the pointer, I’ll keep an eye on it. I did also notice that there is an option in the BS recipes to only do a photo once a day. Perhaps try that?

I set up one with S4 and the other with S5. Only real issue was that for whatever unknown reason neither BS unit liked SSID for either of my guest networks. Once I switched wifi to main 2.4 network they both set up first try.

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Can anyone confirm that there are people who have ST and BloomSky working in a way that DOES update when the BloomSky has changes?

I’m running the latest code, and if anything, the problem has gotten worse. I’m seeing 10-12 hour long lack of updates, and not just overnight.

I would really love to not have to add the extra layer of complication that is Pollster or similar band-aids for the problem.

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I have rule machine polling it every 5 minutes. That keeps me updated with the latest code

I looked at that when (I think you) mentioned it before, but from the very limited instructions, I was completely unable to figure out how to make that happen. My version of RM may be old, and I don’t use it for anything else, so I haven’t updated it.

And it is one of those layers of complexity I’m trying to avoid. I realize this is a community device type, and I shouldn’t look a gift horse in the mouth, but isn’t the idea that it should work?

Same issue here since I updated to the new code. In general, I need to manually refresh.

maybe try pollster?..

Running just standard DTH/app, ST updates with every change for me.Complete with the latest picture. It may go 30-60 minutes without an update if no temp/humidity change, but that’s expected.

Do you have logging enabled ?

The Initial State app is AWESOME! Thanks for the lead on this Jeff. User friendly and it works well for my energy meter. :grinning:

You know, to get the device to show up in ST at first, I had to turn on logging. Not sure I left it on though. But now I don’t see an option to do that in either the Thing or the Service Manager. It’s as if an update removed that option.