Better (different) Thermostat Device

Please help a desperate fellow member here. Does CT100 work with baseboard hydronic heating? Weil Mclain’s CGA gold furnace and A.C.Smith heater. Two zoned with White Rodgers thermostats (with one red and one white wire and battery).

Well, I was excited to try this, as I hated the sliders…but with the delay in the buttons, it’s almost worse.

To the author’s credit, I tried everything I could think of to queue button clicks and allow for rapid temperature changes, but device types are VERY limited… there do not seem to be any timer or scheduling functions allowed that will do the job.

What I might do is take the default thermostat, and put much narrower ranges on the sliders to make them easier to move. EDIT: This is also impossible. :frowning:

As you said this delay is not the app, it’s the thermostat API. Even the Radio Thermostat app for me is sometimes not as responseful as I’d like.

The thermostat api delay really shouldn’t be an issue. We could eliminate that delay to just one instance if there was a way to queue the button clicks before sending a command.

For example, you could press arrow up 4 times, and then when the code sensed that you hadn’t pressed anything for a second or so, it would send the command to set the new temp. Unfortunately there are not sufficient commands available for device type to accomplish something so trivial.

Gotcha, that’s the 2nd time tonight I didn’t read a post correctly.

@spec485 try this code, runs the thermostat off the motion sensor and can program it for days of week/time/mode etc.

just need some clarification. I have the Radio CT101 and it operates with these modes - HEAT, OFF, COOL, OFF, AUTO, OFF

Will need to modify wackware’s code in this section?

	command "heatLevelUp"
	command "heatLevelDown"
	command "coolLevelUp"
	command "coolLevelDown"
	command "switchMode"
	command "switchFanMode"

// simulator metadata
simulator {
	status "off"			: "command: 4003, payload: 00"
	status "heat"			: "command: 4003, payload: 01"
	status "cool"			: "command: 4003, payload: 02"
	status "auto"			: "command: 4003, payload: 03"
	status "emergencyHeat"	: "command: 4003, payload: 04"


I have the CT80 and I’m also wondering how to get the mode changes to report properly. It appears the mode and fan changes are happening, but the tiles are not updating correctly for me. For instance, mode never changes from “Off” although I can cycle through Heat, Cool, Off, on the tstat. Also, if I change anything on the physical tstat, nothing updates in SmartThings.

I usually find if I back out of the thermostat screen to the Things view and go back in the refresh happens on the icons. Never seems to work if your inside the tile and hit refresh.

Great idea, but not currently possible with the allowed groovy functions for device types.

Installed code following instructions specifically outlined in postings, and my old CT100 worked just fine. Much much nicer with actual buttons to tap. Yes it is a bit sluggish and you have to wait, but it is still faster than that horrid old slider we replaced! Thanks again to everyone :slight_smile:

Same exact boat. Have a CT100 and it works fine. I definitely prefer this to the sliders, but it’s a bit more sluggish than the sliders. Also, if you want to go multiple degrees up or down, you have to wait until the first command goes through, than hit the button again. Anyone know what’s causing the sluggishness? Does the github link have the latest version?

either way, thank you for this.

I’m fairly certain it’s been discussed that the sluggishness is caused while waiting for the device to do the change. So each tap is a command to the thermostat to change, until it updates on the device and the device type sees that change you cannot make another change.

Just wanted to report that due to what looks like some changes on SmartThings side, routines and smart apps no longer can command the thermostat. There is some discussion about it here.

the apis were changed as were the base device types. you will need to resync changes with the base device type;… basically setheatpoint and setcoolpoint or whatever it called profile changes

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Is there any plan to update the stock ST thermostat device type? I’m still using it and hate the sliders. Maybe I’ll finally give up and switch to this one.

Change over the the custom one a lot of us are using, no sliders, C and F, coloured icons.
Search for “CT30+” and install this as a custom device type in the IDE.

I would love to see this happen. What are your thoughts @Tyler and @twack ?

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Yes, there are plans to implement the multi-attribute tile design on Z-Wave Thermostat.

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@daven Do you have a link to the CT30+ device type? I don’t find it in a search.