Better (different) Thermostat Device

I (like many) was always having a tough time setting the heating and cooling set points on my thermostats via the sliders. Trying to get exactly 70’ degrees was like threading a needle with mittens on. So now I have created a variation of the zwave-thermostat device type which does away with the sliders and replaces them with incremental up/down buttons on each side of the setpoint temps. They increment by 1 degree each time you tap the button/tile.

Way easier to use for someone with meat-hooks like mine. Here’s a link to the device file. Read the instructions in the device file header to see how to install.

Enjoy and Happy Hacking

Here are some screen shots




Installed this and love it! Thank you!!

I’m looking into getting better icons for the up/down tiles. I hope these can do for now. Or I can use a label that says something like “Increase” and “Decrease”, or “Raise” and “Lower”, or “+1” and “-1”.

Anyone have any input?


Honestly I didn’t hate the ones that you have now. Only thing that would probably be better is if the snowflake had an up and down arrow that could be used for the a/c and the sun up/down for heat.

Very nice, thanks!

Everything for me works, except I couldn’t adjust any fan setting. Any suggestions?

Thanks for your efforts to create this.

everything else should be exactly like the stock zwave thermostat. Did you go all the way out of the ST app, check no background running and then back in? That usually clears things like that up. If that does not fix it, tile the configure tile and wait a couple of minutes.

Also, I’m noticing the ST servers are lagging a bit this evening. I wonder if they are doing maintenance tonight?


Yup, did that but I should bring up the config tile and wait and see. I’ll try in the morning.

Something is up with ST today. Status updates are really bad, and I’m not able to log on to this site via my laptop or Ipad because it thinks I’m not human…per their message. I’ve emailed support, but at least I’m able to access via my phone right now.

I’ve noticed some weird/slow issues too. Seems to be common as of late, unfortunately.


I can only use the icons that ST has now. I make a version with the +1 and -1 text and post it too when I get the time.


Hi twack, still can’t change the fan mode or the heat/cool/off mode.

I did exactly what was documented. Besides the custom attributes, and selecting the thermostat capability checkbox for device type settings, could I have missed another capability?

I’m having trouble changing both the thermostat mode, also.

OK, I was able to repeat the issue. Give me a bit and I’ll figure it out.


I missed adding two needed commands into the instructions.

In the IDE add the following two additional custom commands:


I’ve updated the instructions on Github to reflect the need.

Enjoy and Happy Hacking!

Looks great!

Outstanding job twack, thanks so much for this! Works perfectly.

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Anyone else try this yet? I’d love to get more feedback.



Very much like!

oh god, please make a Nest version :slight_smile:

Love it so far - thank you!! I hated those sliders.