Power Meter Outlet

(junrau) #1

Is there a power outlet that is just a power meter and not a switch? Basically this https://www.smartthings.com/products/smartthings-outlet-2017, but without being a switch. I want to monitor power consumption on a device that I do not want turned off.

(ActionTiles.com co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #2

Not really. There are “Home Energy Meters” (HEM) which measure current through induction in the wire, by they aren’t as accurate and require a split wire.

You could copy the Device Type Handler and disable the on()/off() commands (but that wouldn’t block the button on the device itself). And then the DTH would no longer be eligible for local execution.

(Eric) #3

I have a couple plugs with power metes that I just don’t switch them off. Like @tgauchat said if you want you can edit the on/off methods to do nothing. What’s this for? Freezer, fish tank?

(Eric) #4
  1. I have some plug-in’s like you that I don’t want turned off - the fridge I explicitly command ON 2-3 times a day by mode changes, and I never intentionally turn it off. Also as suggested above, I revised the device type but to put the power meter on the default/main tile, so it is less likely that I will accidentally touch the switch tile.

  2. you could try device type/device handler “Simulated Power Meter” and webcore to drive it. This has worked well up to this point, though the “Simulated…” device types may be deprecated by SmartThings for my purpose - I am not a coding expert nor familiar with these standards. I just wanted the unit to be watts and this delivered.

This technique allows me to submeter an arbitrary group of physical or virtual/simulated power-reporting devices, so it is easy to summarize several power devices on one tile in ActionTiles (for example), keeping the dashboard small.

In the attached piston, I have limited the sampling of some of the power metering switches to lower the data consumption.

(junrau) #5

I want to monitor when my sump pump runs using the power usage. I would never want my sump pump turned off, just notifications when it uses power.

(Eric) #6

What kind of plug do you have?

It might be as easy as installing a custom DH.

Edits line 15, change the name to “ZWave Meter Switch Disabled”

Then comment out lines…

156-161 and 165-170.

Then assign this DH to that device.

But this really depends on what switch / plug you have…

(Ron Talley) #7

Yeah, I have a couple that I use for monitoring.

Just write a Piston that says:

If switch changes to Off
With Switch
Turn On

If switch is Off
With Switch
Turn On