For those using Liftmaster/Chamberlain MyQ

I know several threads exist here regarding these devices, and I know a device type was created by Adam… I have a new Liftmaster 8500 en route and my question are:

How well does this work? I am pretty sure it will open and close, but how is the state reporting? Is it as reliable as SmartSense multi?

The apps I use currently with the multi are:
1.) Notification that door is open when presence sensor reports away.
2.) Notification that door is open for over 30 minutes.
3.) Notification that door is open after sunset.
4.) Motion sensor turns on lights only when door is closed.
5.) Notification of door opening when away/at certain times.

Obviously, if I am gonna spend $50 on the gateway, I’d like to repurpose the SmartSense multi, but I am concerned that MyQ may behave similar to other third party integrations I have (thermostat, Hue) in so much that they never seem to refresh in a timely matter (or at all).

Funny you bring this up. This morning I had my first MyQ false “left open” alert. Other than that, after the initial setup the state reporting has been good for me. This is not something I look at every day on my android, but when I do check the state updates open/close quickly if the ST platform is healthy.

In my experience the bad state updates come from poor device type or smartapp handling. The current MyQ device type seems pretty good. But for whatever reason, IIRC the MyQ state was a little glitchy during the first few hours after initial setup but has been find since.

The stand alone MyQ app is no speed demon but it is a reliable and handy backup if you need it.

I use similar apps to what you list. No issues. In general I find MyQ to be the most robust and safe solution. Your MyQ opener can also be configured on wall control panel to auto close xx minutes after opening. We have ours set to 10 minutes and it seems more reliable than the 10 min ST smartapp auto close that I have with the Lowes Iris GD00Z-1 opener on the other door. I had all the doors open while cleaning last weekend and noticed that the GD00Z-1 never actually initiated a close. Forgot to troubleshoot that.

One word of caution with automating MyQ. For some reason they think performing maintenance at 10:00 pm is acceptable!

LiftMaster MyQ® Planned Outage

A planned outage of your LiftMaster MyQ service is scheduled to begin on Monday, September 15th at 1:00am Eastern/12:00 am Central (Sunday, September 14th at 10:00pm Pacific)
and is being performed to bring you enhancements that will improve your
overall MyQ experience. This outage should last approximately 4 hours.

During this outage, you may not be able to access or control garage doors, gates, commercial doors or lighting from the LiftMaster MyQ App or the
site. You also may not be able to accurately see the status of your
door, gate or lighting, and you may not receive alerts during this time.

We appreciate your patience as we work to improve your MyQ experience and
bring you the secure and reliable service you would expect from LiftMaster.
Thank you for your continued support.

The LiftMaster MyQ Team

Curious about this. If you have the capability ‘poll’ defined, and a poll() handler to refresh your device and/or app, and it doesn’t work (i.e. poll is not called for hours or even days at a time), what better method is there?

It’s a good point. I haven’t really troubleshoot or walked through code of device types to provide an example to you. When I had issues with state it was with early versions of custom device types which may have not been translating device codes correctly. I did walk through the polling app when it came out and tried a few things with it. I actually found my devices like locks were providing more accurate real time state after I fully removed the polling stand alone app. But I was still adding many devices and running z-wave network repair rather frequently each day back then. Basically when I stopped adding and fiddling my whole setup became more reliable. Anyway, I have not been changing much in my setup lately and MyQ and other device state has been great lately when ST and my ISP are healthy.

The MyQ issue I had this morning was actually the tilt sensor hardware didn’t register closed on MyQ when the garage closed. Next open/close worked fine. Not an app state issue. I had the same problem one morning with the Ecolink garage door sensor. That’s the first failed close detection on MyQ after several daily opens/closes since June.

Sounds as though you have the aftermarket kit. I believe the opener that’s en route to me reports states directly, with no sensor being used. Hopefully that’s a good thing as I, on occasion, have had the smartsense multi get confused.

Actually, I just checked. I don’t have a MyQ tilt sensor on the door. (It’s getting hard to keep track of each my solutions!). The false left open alert indeed happened with the opener reporting the false state. It only happened once so not really worried about it. MyQ has been great otherwise.

Cool. My 8500 will be here next week. How’s the range on the gateway? I plan to connect it to a switch in a room adjacent to the garage.

No issues with range. I keep it the Den between the ST hub and wifi router, 12 inches apart. Maybe 30 feet straight line to the garage openers. Two walls and three doors separating.

Yup… installed it yesterday and everything on the LiftMaster side of things works like a charm; really like this new style of opener.

But on the SmartThings side of things (big surprise) not so good. Seeing huge lag on updating status in the app ( I have a SmartApp that tells me if it has been left open for more than 30 minutes. Got that 13 minutes late.

Have an app that turns garage lights on motion if the door is closed and the lights never come on. My input is:

section("And, optionally, only if this door is closed..."){
		input "contact1", "capability.contactSensor", title: "Where?", required: false

and in my motionevt handler I check:

def checkGarage(evt) {
	def latestValue = contact1.latestValue("status")

and it always returns null. Any thoughts?

Looking at my MYQ in Android app, it seems much of the activity feed and regular polling data is missing since about 4:03 AM September 28th, logged for a bit on Oct 1st then nothing. Before that I had regular status updates. So recent changes may be causing an issue with device status.

For my lights on at open I am still using the old Ecolink garage door sensor that I had on that door before I installed the MyQ. I also have the MyQ open as a lights on trigger in the same App config. So I wouldn’t have noticed if the MyQ status wasn’t updating.

For motion I just have on if motion active regardless of door status.

Looks like you fixed the null issue already in the other thread.

MyQ is a better door opener. The wired controller based close-after-xx-minutes timer is a fail-safe if we forget to close and ISP or ST having problems. The auto-close can be easily preempted by remote if you are working in and around the garage and want to keep the door open. Hopefully we’ll see the broken MyQ status updates fixed shortly. I might try to remove and reinstall the device and/or type in ST this weekend to see if that does anything.

Yeah. But I am still having way too many issues with this. one is due to SmartThings’ polling not working, and the other is due to MyQ not being able to send events to SmartThings (requiring polling to keep the states refreshed).

I am also seeing: “10:08:00 AM: error java.util.concurrent.TimeoutException: Execution time exceeded 20 app execution seconds @ line 601” when closing the app from the device page, and it never refreshes to “closed” (gets stuck on “closing”) unless you manually refresh it. I am guessing this is due the amount of time it takes for the remote actuation alarm along with the actual door close time (I have an 8500, and it is slower than others due to its acceleration/deceleration curves).

I am trying to wrap my head around this to see if I can come up with a way of getting this thing working as reliably as my old SmartSense Multi (for the purposes of notification and status), as well as integrating the door control. I’ll let you know what I come up with, and if you have any ideas lemmeno.


OK… so here is what I came up with. I can use the old sensor to refresh the MyQ device regardless of how the door is opened or closed. Haven’t pounded on it much yet but it seems to address my issues.

After a week of testing I have to say that this is working marvelously. I have now commented out the “while” loops in Adam’s device type, providing all updating via the SmartApp.

Very happy with this arrangement.

Hey Scott,

I was wondering If you can point me to the right place. I have ST hub but have never edited any code or accessed it past the basic install. I’m technical enough to edit code when I know where and what but just haven’t had the time. I have two reasons to do it now.

One is the purchase of Myq which I have installed and working properly with their app. I want to do what you guys are doing but I don’t even know where the code goes or how to access the config. I use a MacBook.

Two, I have an adt alarm panel with a bunch of wired sensors, motion etc. I need to get the device I’ve read about here but I’m afraid it will be more than I can handle. I think some people have modified a ‘bridge’ between alarm labels and ST hub.

Can you point me the easiest route to start editing the config to add Myq?

Also, do you know any ST developers who might be able to just build me the gateway I need for my alarm? I’m willing to pay of course but I’m also willing to invest in an out of box solution that could be made to allow novices the ability to link their alarm sensors to their ST environment. I feel this could be the ‘killer hook’ to really get adoption of the smart home. Without alarm integration, the consumer is still stuck with at 75/mo. Let’s put s group together to build something with no recurring or a low recurring that includes a lot more for like 10/mo


Here’s the best integration in ST that I have found to date…

I’m really disappointed in the MyQ from a SmartThings perspective. The problem is that I don’t believe they will trigger events. So yes, it will show me the state, and I can control the from SmartThings, but I can’t detect if a door is left open easily by triggering on the open event. At least not that I have found. If anyone knows how to do this, let me know! Otherwise, I’ll be looking to add either an orientation sensor or a contact sensor so I can trigger.

We use the non-magnetic part of ST multi (SmartSense Garage Door Multi) along with the “MyQ Garage Door” device type and “Refresh MyQ” SmartApp. There after you can use the stock Door Alert if left open, open/close monitor…and of course your own custom app.

Are you saying you can’t find the option or the option isn’t working (need more info what you are trying to do)?

To Send an Alert if Left Open XX Mins - The option for a door left open is under +, Alerts (2nd tab to right) , Access & Entryways, Receive an Alert (2nd one down the list)…

To Turn a Light on when Opened - Under +, Actions (3rd tab to right) , Lighting, Turn on when a Door or Window is Opened (4th one down the list)…

If it’s not working very timely, then run your polling time down to 1 min under the MyQ tile under the openers settings.

Sorry to open up this year old topic, but I am ready to attach my 8500’s to SmartThings and I’m confused on exactly what I need to connect to the SmartThings hub.

I have two garage doors, each door has a Elite Series 8500 attached to them and they work great.

I see two items that appear to be necessary for WiFi control: the 828LM, and the 821LM.
So, my questions are these:

  1. In order for my SmartThings Hub to communicate with TWO Elite Series 8500 garage door openers, which one (or ones) do I need, the 828LM and/or the 821LM?
  2. How many of the above do I need to communicate to TWO 8500’s?

Thanks, in advance, for your help.