Aeon Labs Aeotec Z-Wave Siren

You can preorder it now:

It is the first I know that has different tones:


Just saw the release too. @ben please add this guy! It has a lot of functionality.

Just ordered it at Home Controls. Use the code RMN-10 to get a 10% off (worked for me). :smile:

@ben Please please add it.

Just got an email from Home Controls and the availability is delayed by the manufacturer’s factory “due to high demand and running out of inventory” and current ETA is mid October. Hmmm.

Do you guys anticipate this will be available at Amazon or direct from SmartThings by end of year???


Hard to tell. Aeon Labs seem to be at the cutting edge and as such have availability issues in my opinion.

Their recent supply issue was reportedly because of Gen5 Z-Wave certification.

Home controls took my pre-order with 10 percent off but only to send me an email later that it will be available mid October. Details above.

I cancelled the order. They sent an email last evening saying the availability has changed to mid-December instead of mid-October. It makes me wonder whether Aeon Labs actually ever makes its latest devices available anywhere at all?

Did anyone hook one of these up yet?

Comparison against the FortrezZ siren?

I doubt it if anybody in US has this. Is much sexier looking than the fortrezz! :slight_smile:

I’m not sure if the volume is adjustable or not?
Maybe the lights are brighter than the FortrezZ?
The battery is NOT replaceable.

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Looks like this is available again. Just ordered at Amazon.

Says estimated delivery between 21st and 26th. I bet they will push it.

I look forward to a comparison to your FortrezZ!
I assume it acts as a repeater as well. Hopefully you can adjust the volume.

From what I hear it is a repeater too but the challenge will be getting it on ST. Perhaps the veterans will pitch in! :slight_smile: lets no be so hopeful. Everytime they say it is delayed by the vendor and I have to cancel. Wonder how of the Aeons products actually hits the market and how many do they manufacture if it hits at all. Huh! The recessed Door sensors…they vanished totally from the market.

The ebay add above says “Item in stock” hopefully that’s true for Amazon as well.

Multiple tones, I think others will be interested in writing code for it.

Hope so! Their products are very illusive! :wink:

USPS tracking says mine is scheduled for Monday the 18th delivery.

Just got notification from Amazon that it has been “shipped” expected delivery between 21st and 26th. Hope it plays well with ST.

Got mine today and was able to pair it but not yet functional. Contacted support but don’t think it will be immediately resolved…

This seems like a multi-sound device like Philio PSE02. It is Zwave siren with seperate power plug-in, has a permanent battery and not-so-bright-LED-light. I assume it repeats Zwave, but I can’t tell. It cost me $70 - too much but I was curious and interested in cheaper status signaling than Sonos.

It has 5 sounds that are selected by dimmer values. Something like,
4-loud-moo-cow(not really)

So when you set the dimmer value to 1 or 2 etc, the sound plays. Volume does not seem to be adjustable - nuts.

I haven’t figured out how to apply it well yet - so far it just annoys my better half. Not feeling groovy.

So this Aeon Siren seems like an ok value. The Aeon sounds are more subtly different than the Philio.