Anyone use the Iris Contact Sensor for a garage door?

I thought I had a good idea when I bought it. :disappointed:

I can’t really come up with a good way to mount it to my garage door. Then I read that the ST multipurpose sensor can be used with just the sensor part, not the magnet part. Any chance the Iris can do the same? If not I can just switch the Iris out for one of my ST sensors that’s already on a door.

Either way, how would I orient the sensor on the garage door?

I use contact sensors on my garage door (Quirky Trippers). It is hard to describe how I did it, but I’ll try. Basically, I made metal arms and screwed those into the top of the door. The arm holds the sensor piece and the magnet is mounted to the frame around the door. When the door goes up, the arm moves with it and the sensor therefore opens.

What kind of contact sensor? Some have the ability to install remote terminals, which could make it easier to mount.

Here’s how I did mine, can’t tell if this would work for you without seeing your door…

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