ADT Smartthings tilt sensor?

Since the ADT Security Hub / Home Security and / or ADT monitoring will only trigger alerts based on ADT branded sensors, and there are no ADT branded tilt sensors available, I am wondering if, and I will be testing this concept once the remaining sensors come in I believe delivery is scheduled for today. But the concept is simple.

Mount the large part of the sensor on a hinge, with it top hinged, as close as possible to the top of the door mount the magnet part to the door directly below the large part such that when the door goes up, the large part swings away from the small / magnet section and the contact then registers open.

Attached are pics of how I did this with first generation Iris contact sensors, the concept is the same, my only concern is the potential for interference with the sensor by the metal door frame. I noted interference issues with a steel framed window blind that bumped into a window sensor.

The hinge I am using is a segment of leftover piano hinge I was using for another project…