Best Thermostat to use with SmartThings? (Summer 2015)

Continuing the discussion from Suggest a Device:

There are several thermostats on the official compatibility list, although not all support all features.

It depends on your own needs and priorities. Different people choose different ones. Some are much simpler, but also lower cost. And of course new devices are coming out all the time.

Hopefully people who’ve made a selection in the last year or so will share their experiences and recommendations.

Strictly my experience (the ones which I use):

AC (single stage/central AC): Ecobee3. The reason I suggest is coz of the remote sensors. The newer model will be Home Kit enabled. 249$ + 79$ per pair of remote sensor. The main unit comes with one sensor. You can reap the benefit if you buy multiple sensors. If you do that…: there is no match. WiFi.

Heat (2 zones): 2 CT100’s. Extremely reliable and accurate. No C wire required (4 batteries can power). zwave. Repeater if powered. Cannot be programmed of its own and requires a controller to do so. Will be replacing with may be with Nest or Ecobee3 based on how my funds are then.

Haven’t used Nest. Heard not so good reviews earlier. Do not know what the current state is after Google acquisition.

Based on my experience as of now: Ecobee3 with extra remote sensors (reiterate with extra remote sensors).

Note on the Ecobee:

There are two different models with similar names but different features.

Ecobee3 has been out since September 2014. This model is not and likely will never be HomeKit compatible.

“HomeKit-enabled Ecobee3.” New model, currently available for pre-order, has the HomeKit chip.

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note: it will still be named Ecobee3 as far as I know.

I had problems with both my Honeywell (ZW1007) thermos getting “lost connection”. This was happening daily, and Honeywell support was so unhelpful and useless that I wanted to return both my entire HVAC systems! I went with Evolve’s T100R glass faced zwave thermos. They’ve been bulletproof so far. They paired up perfectly and I was able to use the default device type, but I still created my own to get the experience I wanted. They also support wired remote temp sensors. I have 1 on a tradition gas/electric unit and another on a heat pump unit.

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One year later. I moved and left my nest’s behind. Wondering if I should get nest again (with no official ST Integration) or Ecobee3. I like the remote sensors and home kit capabilities of Ecobee. Any thoughts?

Very happy with my Ecobee3. Have had no issues with the IOS app or HomeKit integration. Remote sensors can be used in a follow me mode (temp in occupied room gets priority) or with that function turned off temp across all sensors is averaged for cooling or heating consideration.

So is the ecobee3 still one of the best thermostats to use with ST? I have a fidure its good but runs all the time. I’m almost tempted to go back to my old thermostat, unless I can find a good one to replace mine with.

Any help or thoughts to think about would be greatly appreciated!