Recommend Me A Thermostat

I’m looking for a recommendation on which thermostat I need to go with that will work with SmartThings and support all the features my existing thermostat has. Here are my requirements:

  1. SmartThings compatible or integratible (via community support ie Nest).
  2. Humidity Control (I have a whole house humidity system).
  3. Outdoor Temp Sensor (I could go without this but I hate to give up features).
  4. Single Zone (if it supports multizone that would be a plus for the future).

Ecobee 3, although the realities of integration with ST are that it is slow to update and not really very reliable, due mostly to the way Ecobee works with their API.
The remote sensor capability is unique and very useful for comfort and heat savings.

Venstar Colortouch. From a thermostat point of view, the best there is. As for smarts, excellent open local API, and hosted WAN access for browser, Android, and iOS access, with alerts and logging.

While I do have mine integrated with SmartThings, it is not reliable enough to be the only controlling entity of temperature control/notifications of my home, so the ‘rock solid’ Venstar provided capabilities are quite welcome (and frankly used more often than SmartThings).

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This looks like a pretty solid unit. How’s the community support for it on here?

It has a completely open and well documented API so there ain’t much to it, but I don’t know that anyone here has expanded on what I initially did.

Any chance you have any screencaps of how it looks on your ST mobile interface?