Best solution for automating outdoor light on townhouse?

(Charity Froggenhall) #1

Hi, still new to the ST world. I have about 13-15 things right now. I’d like to automate the outside light with a motion sensor, but the bulb is enclosed in a glass and metal fixture. I live in a townhouse with a homeowner’s association, so I can’t really install a new fixture. I just bought some Philips Hue bulbs, but the label says they can’t be used in an enclosed fixture. Thanks for your help!

(Convinced ST will never be unbroken…) #2

Philips, GE Link, and many other vendors state that for all of their LED bulbs. I am using a Hue in my shower fixture (which is enclosed) without problems. Also GE Links in enclosed outdoor fixtures.

The issue is heat generated by the power supply, and it may in fact shorten the life of the device, but my experience is that they don’t get THAT hot.

(Charity Froggenhall) #3

Oh good! Maybe I’ll give them a shot then. :smile: Thank you!

(Barry) #4

Is the lamp on a separate switch? If so, why not just replace the switch with a Z-Wave one, install an outside motion detector, and then employ an app to turn it on when motion is detected.

A group of us are collaborating on a Smart Security Light app that enables both motion-automation AND manual operation - see the thread here if you are interested…

(Charity Froggenhall) #5

It’s off a switch plate with 4 different switches, so I don’t think that’ll work, but thanks.

(Andrew Urman) #6

Those GE Link bulbs get crazy crazy crazy hot. I would not put those in an enclosed space.

The Hue bulbs get pretty hot when left on a long time. those could be ok.