Can I automate my interior light to turn on after Phillips hue exterior turns on by motion sensor?

a few days ago my security camera picked up a suspicious person using a flashlight scouting thru my window and I only found out after a couple hours.

Now I’d like to set up a security automation in SmartThings that when my Phillips hue exterior lights are triggered by the motion sensor then my interior light turns on and I get a notification on my phone. Does anyone know how I can achieve this? I did program this in the ST automation but it only works if I manually turn on the exterior light using the ST app and that defeats the my intention.

Anyone can help me please?

In the Classic App the Smart Home Monitor let’s you define an action for a motion sensor that allows you to turn on any light known to ST. Looks like the new app may have the same capability but I haven’t played with it.

Thanks for your response. My exterior motion sensor is also from Phillips Hue and I can’t add Phillips hue exterior motion sensor to the ST app. I thought when the exterior light is triggered by the exterior motion sensor would work the same way as me manually turning on the exterior light using ST app. But apparently it’s not working as the way I wanted.

You can’t see the Hue motion sensor in ST but if the exterior light is a Hue bulb then I assume you can see that in ST. If so, you could set up at ST automation triggered by the bulb: IF exterior light turns on THEN turn on interior light. Would that work for you @Heelu?

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Hello, @Heelu

From the new app side:

Use scenes to configure your Location Mode. Then you can configure the rest of automations triggered by your motion sensor using the Rules API.

Hope it results useful to you,