Motion Detector + Lights on a schedule?

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I just started installing zwave products paired w/ my ST hub. I have a question about how people are setting up lights with motion detections. My house is wired funny where the main light from a ceiling fan comes from a switch that is in a corner. It must have been installed after the house was built. I figured the best way to remedy this now is to put a smart switch there and connect it to my phone so I can easily turn it on. Next idea was…maybe I should turn it on with motion detection each time a person enters the room. Here’s the problem, I don’t want the light to turn on automatically during the day. The room has a lot of natural light during the day.

How can I make the motion detector turn on lights only after 6pm?


That option is available in the official smart lighting feature.

First choose the light you want to control.

Then you select the method of control, in this case motion.

Then you select the motion sensor to be used.

Finally if you select more options you will be able to restrict it to a specific time of day. :sunglasses:

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Thank you!!!