Need outdoor Motion/daylight sensor to turn single light switch on/off

I have three outdoor light fixtures (3+3 =6 chandelier bulbs) + (2 floodlight bulbs) that I want to simply turn on and off based on a wireless motion sensor. The 3 fixtures are tied to a single light switch.

I am hoping someone can point me to the only two items I would need to do this (that connect to each other):

  1. Outdoor wireless smart motion sensor (battery powered).
  2. Smart Wall switch (to replace existing wall switch USA house, so likely 15amp) that can be triggered by motion sensor.
    (maybe I need a hub too?)

Strangely, I am having trouble finding a simple setup like this from all the companies out there, hoping that SmartThings universe has a combo that can make this happen??

Current possibilities:

  1. Hue Outdoor sensor + replace all bulbs in 3 fixtures (expensive and overkill)
  2. (MAYBE) HomeKit switch + Hue Outdoor sensor… But want to avoid apple products/software.

Thanks in advance!

yes, to automate things you’ll need some kind of initial investment into a “controller.” Obviously I’m going to recommend smartthings hub. They are not expensive and you can easily add more devices in the future without needing another hub.

So you’ll need a smart switch that works with smartthings and a motion sensor. I’m not familiar with ‘outdoor’ motion sensors but it seems you found one anyway. Hue products work best with a hue hub. You can use a hue hub and a smartthings hub together if you’d like. Hue is expensive and proprietary though.

The outdoor caveat for motion sensors may raise the price quite a bit. I might suggest just protecting the motion sensor from the elements if possible. Like pointing it out a window or placing it under an eve or something. Any zwave or zigbee motion sensor is compatible with the ST platform and will work for your situation.

Any way, a ST hub, a ST compatible motion sensor, and a ST compatible in-wall switch will do what you’re asking. The automation part is included in the SmartThings(ST) phone app, called smart lighting. You can easily setup; turn on [switch] when [motion sensor] motion is [active], and turn off [switch] when [motion sensor] is inactive for xx minutes.


Motion Sensor:

In-wall Switch:

Matt has covered most of it. But I’m not sure the Samsung motion detector will survive well outdoors, it depends on how exposed to the elements it is.

FWIW, there is a Zooz brand motion sensor intended for outdoors. I’ve purchased several Zooz switches and dimmers and been very happy with them