Best Smart Toggle Switch under $25?

Would get some idea to replace my current toggle switches with smart toggle switch… I have ST and Google integration currently.

Any advice is appreciated.

These works great and they are zigbee repeaters as well.

Zooz zen23 from the smartest house.


Most people mean this device class when they say “toggle switch.”


In which case, yes, the zwave Zooz line is probably the least expensive reliable smartthings – compatible choice.

Also note that Zooz lets you use dumb switches as the auxiliaries in a three-way set up, which can save you a lot more money. :sunglasses:

And since these are the house brand for the retailer, the smartest house, if you need more than 10 or so write to them and they can probably give you a quantity discount as well.

So they’re not listing at under $25, but they are under $30 and if you qualify for the quantity discounts or if you have even a couple of three-way set up’s, you can bring the price down a bit more.


@TheSmartestHouse has Zooz on sale for $26 right now. Is that close enough to your $25 limit?


Just to clarify though, only the new paddles ZEN26 and ZEN27 are on sale at $26. But as mentioned by @JDRoberts, we’re always able to offer bulk discount as long as the switches aren’t low stock.


Curryi have toggle switches but I am trying to decide if use them or paddle switches instead. Any advice?

It depends on how much you care about aesthetics. The paddle switches have a LED indicator which the toggles don’t. Otherwise they work in a similar way, with similar features. But there is no S2 version of the toggles, so if you’d like to take advantage of the simpler 3-way/4-way wiring and more advanced features, then we’d recommend getting the new S2 paddles (ZEN26 or ZEN27), still on sale for $25.95 through 1/31 (or until we sell out).


Also if you look on ebay you can find brand new sealed Leviton or GE Z-Wave plus switches/dimmers for around $30, most with free shipping and no tax.

I use the Leviton ones and have been happy with them, I have got some as cheap as $25.

For Leviton do you not need a Casata Hub?


Lutron is the manufacturer of the Caseta line. That uses a proprietary frequency, neither zwave nor zigbee, So you do need the Lutron smartbridge in order to get smartthings integration for the Caseta switches. .

Leviton is a completely different company. They make several identical looking rocker light switches but different models use different protocols. The one most commonly used with smartthings uses Z wave and will connect directly to the smartthings hub. They also make a zigbee model which can connect directly to the smartthings hub. and a Wi-Fi model, Bluetooth model, and HomeKit model. They all use the same outer case so they all look exactly alike, but only some will work with smartthings.

So you have to check the model numbers to see which ones will work with smartthings.


The Leviton DZ6HD is a Z-wave dimmer that I use and works well. It will work directly with Smartthings.

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I only have inovelli and zooz right now. about 10 of each. I would recommend them both. I do like the inovelli better than the zooz for two reasons. The LED indicator on the zooz paddle switches is too bright. The ones on the inovelli look much cleaner. The zooz screws seem weaker or something to me too. It just didn’t feel right tightening everything down, but it all worked fine and they’ve been flawless as far as operation goes. All that being said, I just ordered more zooz because inovelli is never in stock.