Toggle Switch maker?

Is a toggle wall switch available? Insteaon makes one that looks like a traditional toggle switch, but I don’t see zwave or zigbee listed as protocols.

I love the idea of replacing about 5 switches and perhaps 3 2-way switches but don’t want to spend $250 buying standard decorator switches to make the house match…The thought of having 1 deco and 3 standard switches will look awful…

GE makes one, search Mr. G for zwave toggle switch…

“Dumb” Deco switches aren’t that expensive though. I’ve put a few in some locations where I don’t want/need smart switches. Other In some rooms I haven’t replaced the switches at all. I don’t think it’s a real problem unless the switches are all in the same box.

Just checked Home Depot and you can get a single Deco-Switch for $2 or a 10 pack for $15.

beckwith, are you using this device with ST?

Yeah, but replacing 35 of them is getting well into $200 by the time you by plates… :slight_smile:

No, haven’t tried it. I probably would have if it was available a while ago but have since gone the decora route.

I’m curious how the LED looks at night. Anyone want to share pictures?

Also, I don’t see an air gap switch. Did they change the code not to require this dopey mechanism?

Not really… Obviously I’m just going off what Home Depot has on their site… they might be more expensive around were you are. But 4 10-packs would give you 40 switches for $60. Cover plates for me (assuming you’re using just the basic plastic ones) have never been more than a dollar or two for one plate (some of which cover multiple switches).

Don’t get me wrong, $80 to replace switch still isn’t peanuts, but it shouldn’t be anywhere near $200.

Well, its my choice but I refuse to do business home despot (sic) — I’m basing my estimate on Lowe’s published values…and where I prefer to do business (Ace, Pro, or Do-it-best) where I’m feeding a local business owner is still going to be in the higher price range.

Besides that — I don’t want to swap out 35 outlets…to make 1 automated outlet look right. I don’t see many designer switches in homes…I"m not sure it will have a positive effect on the home anyway…they just seem a bit…pretentious.

Yeah… sure… I got no beef with that thinking. You do business with whom ever you want to and you make your decisions based on what you want. No problems there.

For me, I’d replaced a number of my switches with z-wave paddle switches. In most cases it’s either the only one in a box or all the switches in that box ended up getting replaced so that wasn’t a problem. Three areas where I had multiple switches I left one of the switches in the multi-box as a dumb switch so only replacing three wasn’t a big deal for me.

At this point I’ve ended up replacing the far majority of my switches with z-wave switches. Doing a mental check list… My upstairs bathroom (2 switches), my main floor bathroom (1 switch), my den (2), my laundry room (1), and the back room in my basement (2) are the only switches that are still dumb ones… oh, wait, 4 switches in the garage are still dumb switches too… and of course the three previously mentioned that are part of a multi-box…

So that’s 15 dumb switches vs. um… hmm… interestingly 15 Smart Switches (not counting AUX switches in 3-way setups).

Oh, and as a side note: Yes, it is very pretentious, but that’s just how we roll! Pinkies out when drinking tea, baby!