Recommend some wall switches

I’m looking to replace a few wall switches with smarties. What are some good choices?

Zooz, GE, Leviton

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I use Lutron Caseta—very pleased with them. :sunglasses:

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I kind of like this one with the toggle. Any other suggestions?

That one’s fine. Remember that unlike a dumb switch, the toggle is going to rest in the central position just like it is in that picture, sticking straight out. That bugs a lot of people, including guests. That’s why there are not very many toggles offered in smart switches. But if you’re OK with it, that’s a popular choice. :sunglasses:


I’ve installed a dozen Zooz ZEN26 switches and ZEN27 dimmers. Decora (paddle) style since that’s the style of the dumb switches in the house.

They’ve behaved well for me and are selling for $27 on

The most significant advantage, other than cost, is in 3-way applications. They don’t require using a companion switch, just leave your dumb switch in place. These two models also install in 3-ways without rewiring anything, just replace the line-side switch.

The most significant disadvantage is that they have a lower maximum wattage limit than most.


If these will be your first smart switches, you should spend some time looking at your wiring. In particular, be sure you’ve got neutral wires at all your switch boxes.

Neutrals are common (required?) in new construction so the age of your house will be a factor.

Good point, but we should also mention That unlike other brands, most Lutron Caseta switch models do not require a neutral at the switchbox. :wink:

My house was built in 1955 and does not have neutrals everywhere, another reason the Caseta were a good fit for us.

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I like the Inovelli Red Series here. I have the installed the switch and it can notify you of door or windows open etc. and they are Z-wave repeater as well. They are very good switches. I highly recommend them.

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Does these offer double/triple clicking up or down for additional buttons (scenes)? This switch offers alot but the above function is so important to me now. Get so much more out of the switch/dimmers!

The current Zooz switches and dimmers, with their custom DTH, offer scene support. So multiple taps on upper and lower paddles will generate button presses.

IIRC, anything up to 5 or 6 clicks each direction is detected and translated.

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Yes, all of the Zooz models we currently sell, including the ZEN23 and ZEN24 toggle style switches include scene control.

Thanks for sharing your experience with the switches!

@nt40lanman Zooz is our in-house brand so if you have any questions about the products, feel free to reach out to us and we’ll be happy to help!

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@rontalley yes they do and more I believe. They are worthy to check out and they have scene I believe up to 12 I believe. Go toyoutube and watch the video.

NEW Inovelli Next Gen Z-Wave Plus S2 In Wall Smart Switch in SmartThings and Hubitat Elevation

Hey @rontalley – yeah definitely. You can add up to 13 different scenes if you’d like (12 on the paddle - 6 scenes on the up paddle, 6 scenes on the down paddle – and then there’s a favorites button that can send a scene) .

Here’s a direct link that may help explain it better via pictures bc I’m terrible!

Thanks for your interest and have an awesome day!

@prjct92eh2 what? No love? C’mon man! Maybe one day…

Edit: also, thanks @llcanada for the shout-out, we sincerely appreciate it!

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sorry! :speak_no_evil: Inovelli too! They have some nice looking bulbs, too. :wink:

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You mean these bulbs? That work with our (hides in corner from everyone who wants to slap me for taking so long on this) dimmer switches?

Dimmer + Smart Bulb = Dimming and Controlling in real time via Z-Wave Association on ST HUB:


Thanks for the info!! Mostly I’m looking for basic control of a couple lights but 3-way and these “scenes” seem a little intriguing. Can I set a triple tap scene to do something completely different like arm or disarm security?

How do I figure out neutrals and the difference from grounds? Am I just looking for white wires?

I’m not gonna give a lot of advice because I’m mostly a novice. But here’s some info and advice I’ve gleaned over the last few months of replacing dumb switches with smart:

  • Buy a non-contact tester. Best thing ever for safely checking if you’ve got power off and for figuring out 3-ways.

  • Wiring standards are country-specific and have evolved over time. Presence of neutrals may depend on the age of your home. If you have neutrals in a switch box, they’re normally white and bundled together with a wirenut.

  • Don’t 100% trust wire color. While there are normal practices, colors (in the U.S. at least) aren’t mandated. That said, I’m pretty sure that ground wires are bare or sometimes green.

  • 3-ways are more complicated than you’d think, 4- and 5- ways exponentially more so. Google “3-way wiring”. There are multiple possibilities. When in doubt, use the support site for your switch brand. Incorrectly wiring can have many bad outcomes.

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I just looked into the boxes of the two switches I’d like to start with.

The front porch light has black to either side of the switch, and 2 neutrals connected with a wire nut so I should be good there.

The switched outlet switch has 3 neutrals in a wire nut, 2 black to one side of the switch and a red to the other side of the switch. Not sure what that’s about.

Creative wiring. This is beyond what I could guess.

Post a picture or diagram that shows what wires end up in what cables. Someone might have an idea.

I’ve done mostly Zooz brand switches, their support website encourages posting of pictures when you’re unsure of wiring. I’d hope most others do the same.

Remember my last point: don’t guess. The “least bad” thing that could happen is damage to your smart switch.

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