3 way switches - better option than WD500's?

It’s been a while since I’ve had to redo my setup but I bought a new house and well poop, it has a ton of three way switches. Are the WD500Z-1 and WD500 still the best option or is there something truly ST compatible out there?

Zooz works without an accessory switch. Saves you $20 per circuit. But you can’t dim from the slave switch, just on/off (if that matters to you)


Actually I don’t really care about the dimming at all. Do I just search for zooz or do you have a link?

It’s the house brand for thesmartestHouse.com Good features, good price, so it’s become a very popular brand in the community.

They have a staff representative who is very active in these forums if you have any questions. :sunglasses:


It really comes down to what features you want. The light switch discussion starts around post 40 in the device class features FAQ if you want to take a look at that. :level_slider::bulb:

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personally i would go with the homeseer switches, as i would not want to lose scene control…

Hi @Toadie! Feel free to reach out to our support with any questions you may have about the switches. There are a few different models available and we’d be happy to help you pick the right one.

We’ve actually been adding scene control to the latest versions of the switches so ZEN26, ZEN27 VER. 2.0 (coming out in the next few weeks), as well as ZEN23, ZEN24 VER. 3.0 will have this functionality built-in. ZEN21 and ZEN22 VER. 3.0 don’t have it in the first production run, but we’ll be adding it later and we’ll offer the OTA firmware files to any past customer as usual to bring their switches up to date (if their version is updateable of course).


Agree with Jimmy about Zooz.

I’ve installed several Zen26 switches and Zen27 dimmers.

So far as I know, they’re the only ones that not only work with dumb, mechanical switches on the “other end” of a 3-way, they work without rewiring the mechanical switch.

They’ve also got great, responsive support if you’re having issues figuring out wiring.


Intrigued to hear about scene control.

I guess I’ll need a Z-wave USB stick to flash switches.

I’m about to buy Z-flash utility and a stick from Homeseer so I can update some misbehaving Leviton switches.

Will that work to update my Zooz switches as well?

Thanks for your feedback Hal!

Here are the instructions on how to update Zooz devices (any Z-Wave USB stick will work, Zooz has one but this Goodway is probably the cheapest you’ll find):


ZEN26 and ZEN27 are both updateable. ZEN21-ZEN24 VER. 2.0 are most likely not, save for some of the newer ones from recent production so get in touch with us first to confirm. Disclaimer - the custom handlers for scene control are still in the making but should be ready soon!

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Thanks. I’m new to this so all my Zooz devices are ZEN26 and ZEN27.

So far, they are the only all-in-one Z wave switches that do this. Some of the zwave micros can. And Caseta switches have been able to do this with some models since they were first introduced. And there are a few models from other protocols as well. :sunglasses:


I was hoping the inimitable @JDRoberts would help me out with more complete info!


I should also say that some of the Z wave micros can do this (work with existing dumb switches for a 3 way). I’ve edited my post above to specify all in ones. :sunglasses:

You’ll be able to update them to the new VER. 2.0 firmware then. No issues here!

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True! From what we’ve seen, if installed in switch boxes, the micros will only be able to accommodate set-ups with line and load in same box which is a less common scenario. The most popular way to wire 3-ways is to have line coming into one of the boxes and load coming to the other box in the set-up. That’s why we bothered creating this 3-way solution for Zooz in the first place :slight_smile:


SmartestHouse, do u monitor current to determine if the device is on or off for reporting purposes? will scene control work with the slave switch and does your switch rock like a traditional paddle switch so you all switches will act the same…

Yes, status is always updated immediately if any of the switches in a 3-way/4-way are used (so both for master and slave switches).

Scenes can only be enabled from the Zooz switch since the slave switches here are simple mechanical on/off switches (not electronic add-ons) so they can only do what they were built for which is switching electrical current.

All electronic switches are push-button so while they look similar to the paddle/decora switches, they don’t actually rock up and down like mechanical switches. There’s a good tactile feel to them though and they produce an audible click to simulate operation of a regular mechanical on/off.

Let us know if you have any other questions!

Because you can turn smart switches on and off from an app or voice assistant, they can’t really look exactly like a mechanical, dumb switch.

I’ve got Zooz and Leviton Decora (paddle) switches. The paddles are spring-loaded to return to a middle position after you press either end.

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it can be done. the paddle would only provide input to the cpu, and you would have a double pole relay which does all the switching (like they have now). personally i would prefer this to the contact switches as it would restore the traditional feel to the switch, but at an expense of the double/triple tap

to bad they couldn’t figure out scene control from the slave switches. but thinking about it, if you toggled the rocker up down for double tap, up down up for triple tap, and etc you could get something to work. no press and hold…

can you please send the files to SmartThings as soon as they are available. this will help put pressure on SmartThings to add OTA for zwave. their biggest reason for not doing it is that no one is providing z-wave firmware updates to them so it is not necessary!