Best motion/temp sensor? (2018)

When I first got into the home automation game, I purchased a handful of Aeon Multisensors to use as motion/temp sensors. They’ve slowly started dying on me, so I’m in the market to replace them. I was wondering if there have been any new developments in this area since then and if there are better options than what Aeon offers at this point. The only two things I care about are motion and temp. I don’t need lux, humidity, etc… Would welcome any suggestions.

My favorite motion sensors are the Iris sensors. Haven’t checked for accuracy of temps as I don’t use that feature, but they are fast as I’ve found and reliable for motion sensing. This version:

Second to them I think is the the ST motion sensor below:

Agree on the Lowes motion/temp sensor. It’s tiny and very reliable but it’s Zigbee. Just something to note if location and mesh is an issue since your sensors are Z-Wave.

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Are use the iris ones as well. However, I find that the temperature readings are 2 to 3° lower than everything else.

What’s the difference between the iris sensor linked above and the following one?