Latest Motion Sensors Recommendations? (2020)

I have some old Iris motion/temp sensors, and a Zooz zse40. I’m looking to replace an older Smartthings sensor (been unreliable). Before I hop on this current Zooz deal, any other newer motion sensors (inovelli?) I should look at which have good reviews/recommendations? New app, v3 hub. Thanks!

Depends what features you’re looking for. :sunglasses: The smartest House has a good comparison article on different Z wave motion sensors. Although the article itself is about two years old, the comparisons still apply, it’s just that each brand has come out with a newer model. But the ones which are faster are still faster and the ones which have more configurable options still have more configurable options. :sunglasses:

On the other hand, if you want an outdoor motion sensor, then both Phillips hue ( zigbee) and Zooz (zwave) have motion sensors specifically made for outdoor use.


The Fibaro seems to have the best combination of specs (for my needs any way). Guess what, you do pay for it.
Are there any good Zigbee ones?


@JDRoberts, I’ve seen that article. Good stuff. I know a few new ones have come out recently, curious if any feedback. This will be for indoors

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I have had Iris v2 motions in place for over 5 years and they haven’t missed a beat. You can still purchase them via eBay in lots of 10. They are still my favorite go to motion sensor given how fast they detect motion and how reliable they are. Plus their size is awesome too.