Best door sensor?

Looking to get a sensor for my front door to tell whether it is open or closed. Seems like there are a few options out there. Is there one that’s considered better than the rest? In case it matters, I have more z-wave devices than zigbee in my current setup.

From my search of the ST Community, I ended up buying the Ecolink door/window sensor and installed them earlier this week… Working good so far!

I agree with Dave, the Ecolink sensors are great, and not too expensive. Battery life is great too. I have several still staying 100% battery life, and they’re used on frequently used doors and windows.

Everspring sensors (picked up at Tiger Direct) are good and simple, but battery life on those are nowhere as good as the Ecolink.

I use the smartsense multis and i love them. Fastest reporting time out there. I guess thats what you’re paying for.

The Ecolink sensors look fine but I am also interested in why the SmartThings Open/Closed sensor has not been mentioned? I suppose it is cost but would love to hear more. As it is an amplified ZigBee device it will likely have longer range to the SmartThings Hub and it also has temperature sensing abilities to be able to do things like averaging temps or getting readings throughout your home.

Beat me by a minute :slight_smile:

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This is my favorite thing about the multis. I have stuff set up all over the place to react to temp and acceleration. I actually use one as a “motion” sensor and have it trigger lights just like a motion sensor does. Insane how sensitive they are.

Most of my multis have 2-3 roles or more. Lets say the ecolinks cost $40 and we know the mulits cost $54.

I have 5 multis that i bought in a pack and it cost me $260.

They each have at least 2 functions, so if i needed to buy sepereate sensors (ecolink doesn’t have a temp sensor) just to get the monitoring i want the ecolink stuff would cost $400 Now if you count that 3 of my multis have a 3rd sepereate monitoring function then the cost goes up to $520.

You get a lot of tech in the multis for $54

I haven’t gotten any door sensors because I don’t like having the box in view. I have been waiting for one of the hidden ones to come back in stock, specifically the Aeon one:

It looks like Insteon has them ready now:

The Insteon is neat. Is that zwave and/or support the ST hub?

No, Insteon is different - I was just putting that in there as a point of reference. Should have mentioned that in the original post to avoid confusion. The Aeon device (which looks harder to install) has been out of stock for quite some time now.

That’s too bad. Love the way they use the push ball.

Hi Ben,

I have a few of the SmartSence Multi’s as well, but for just simple open/close functionality, the Eco’s fit the price point for me just right at just below $30 for new ones via Amazon (I just bought 4 for $28 each). They report open/close status immediately too, plus I can use external magnetic contacts (like from Ademco) for side by side windows like my 3-wide dining room windows via the built in terminals on the sensor. I also use the Philio PSM01 3-in-1 sensors ($50), but they don’t report temperature changes immediately. That’s where the Multi’s really shine.

Like Tim said, if you need a lot of functions, the Multi’s are it; but for simple open/close the Eco’s are prefect.

Yes, the only reason is cost. I would like more “Things” with the SmartThings name on them!
Hopefully I can get some referral credits soon! That will lower the price of my next ST purchase.

I got these when they came available for a short time last month… Love them

I’ve spent a lot on my ST setup, unfortunately I always price shop. Determining price/features/reliability I do have a few ST branded Items but 90%+ of my Things are other brands or not purchased from ST.

ST must become more price competitive otherwise a lot of people will buy elsewhere. I really want to support ST because I love their product, I love the community but a quick calculations shows me I’ve saved hundreds by purchasing elsewhere. :frowning:


Three ST multis. They have been working great but two of these came with 88% battery life! Got them on Amazon.

I also got one from Amazon last week showing a battery life of 88%.

There should be some incentive for ST loyals to get these from your shop @ben. Wouldn’t you agree?

Some sort of loyalty program perhaps?