Which door/window contact sensor for 2021?

Hello, I’d like to get a new door contact sensor. Can anyone recommend a good one? I wouldn’t mind nice small one.

TIA- Jim

Different things will work for different people. And there are already several threads on this topic from the last year or so. So we need to know more about what exactly you’re looking for. :thinking:

First, what country are you in? The device selection does vary.

Second, do you have a smartthings/Aeotec hub?

Third, do you have a particular budget in mind? This is one of those areas where some people don’t want to spend more than $25 for a contact sensor, but others are OK with spending more if it has particular features that they want. For example, Sensative makes a very thin sensor with a patented battery which will fit completely inside the window/door frame on most doors. But they cost about $40 each, more than some people want to pay.

Fourth, do you have a preference for zigbee or zwave, assuming you do have a hub.

Meanwhile, the following thread may have all the information that you need:

Good but affordable window / door sensors? (US, 2021)

I’ve been using these Zigbee contact sensors for a few months. Can’t go wrong for $11/each.

Linkind Door Window Sensor, Zigbee-White, for Use with Linkind Home Security System, Automation with Linkind Smart Zigbee LED Lights, Linkind Hub Required (NOT Included), 2-Pack - - Amazon.com

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Thank you,

I’m in the USA- Minnesota. I forget this is a big community sometimes. I have a SmartThings hub. Most (maybe all) of my stuff is zwave.

No particular budget in mind I would definitely pay more for a good one- especially one that is mostly hidden.

I have purchased stuff like this from Amazon in the past. Now as I look on there I can’t seem to find highly rated ones… that’s the main reason for asking.

Thanks- Jim

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For zwave, just check the link I already gave you, lots of good discussion there.

Good but affordable window / door sensors? (US, 2021)

As far as Amazon reviews, I find they aren’t always as helpful for the high-tech stuff, even open/close sensors, because at this point in home automation it’s too easy for new people to misunderstand what they’re getting or how it works. So definitely read the reviews, but look for the ones that seem more informed. JMO.