Deciding between Smart Things Open/Close and Ecolink Z-Wave Door/Window Sensor (DWZWAVE2-ECO)

So I was looking at getting a few Ecolink Z-Wave Door/Window Sensor (DWZWAVE2-ECO) sensors. However, I am not seeing any reason why the SmartThings branded Open/Close sensors are better. Would you be losing anything like features, communication speeds, sending info to SmartThings hub by going the ecolink route?

To me they both appear to be simple binary on off sensors. Am I missing the reason SmartThings would be better.


The smart things one is zigbee instead of zwave. I have used the ecolink and it works just fine. Haven’t tried the smart things open/close yet

As sarcjack states, ST’s is zigbee and Ecolink’s are zwave. I have 14 of them, and they work perfectly. I created my own device type for a custom image to show a window instead of the default contact sensor image.

The ecolink sensors are same as schlage and have an incredible range in my application. I will definitely be buying more!

Thanks all. Looks like I’ll got his route.

Follow up question. Is zigbee better than zwave? Interference concerns, respond times, range etc

I have a mix of both, and all have been working very well for me. I do have a large number of devices, so my mesh network has really good coverage. Every so often I’ll do a “Repair Zwave Network” to make sure anything new I’ve added continues to improve the mesh. No issues with interference, respond times (except the app itself), range, etc.

Thank you. By mesh do you mean all the devices create a net by repeating each other and acting as extenders?

Yup, exactly. Every time I add a non-battery powered device that is documented to be a repeater (like a GE switch), I’ll do a repair.

Is it possible for you to explain how you did that? I want to see my windows grouped together as well or is that just for a new icon and they are still grouped in the door/lock section?

@TEEKAY, my device type is just for using an icon. I have all my windows grouped under the door/lock section, as well as logical groups in Things based on the room.

How would I go about implementing a fancy new device type like that :smiley:


If you haven’t gotten use to using the IDE, I suggest looking over a few threads on the community. I’m mobile at the moment, so I can’t recall some of my bookmarks, but it’s well worth your time. You’ll unleash a whole lot more from ST.

Here’s the basics for adding your own device type, just in case you haven’t done this before:

  1. Go to the developers section (link at top right of page). Click the link to check out the web-based IDE and login/create an account for the IDE.
  2. Go to the ‘My Device Types’ tab (navigation at the top).
  3. Click + New SmartDevice button on the right
  4. Choose the “From Code” tab
  5. Copy the code from the github link into this window (once at Github, choosing “Raw” button will give you just the code and can eliminate formatting and other weird copying issues)
  6. Paste the code and click “Create”. Then “Save”, Then “Publish” --> “For Me” (This device type is now available to you)
  7. Now click on the “My Devices” at the top and choose one of your sensors
  8. Click “Edit” in bottom left, then in the “Type” dropdown choose the new device type you just created and click update.

Here’s the GitHub code:

The device type is based off of ST’s standard Z-Wave Door/Window Sensor, and all I did was modify the main tile to use an icon.

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anyone have the code?

@csgan97, code for what? The Ecolink code I posted above is now longer available. The default device handler is suitable, and it runs as a local device.

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