Best Cheap Contact Sensor for V1 Hub

I recently bought 2 Visonic contact sensors to pair with my hub using a device handler. They were pretty cheap, $10 each, and most people have had good success using them. Unfortunately, not me. I have a feeling because I am using a SmartThings version 1 hub, that it’s not recognizing and pairing properly.

Does anyone know of a cheap contact sensor that works well with a ver 1 hub? This is for a bar cabinet that I use maybe once or twice a month, so I’m not looking for anything expensive and fancy.

Lowes Iris Sensors are about $22 and work great for me. If you catch them at the right time they have BOGO offers and other sales.

I have a stack of unused contact sensors and motion sensors from lowes because I couldn’t pass up the sale. :disappointed_relieved:

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I have a couple of Visonic contact sensors that I too bought for $10, they have been working fine for over a month with my v1 hub. If you are having issues with pairing make sure you reset it, install the device handler and then do the pairing again. If you pair without the correct handler installed and published then you will run into problems.
Make sure you follow instructions from here.

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Are you willing to sell any of your sensors? :slight_smile:

You are not alone…

I have done all that…I removed the device handler, removed the accessory from SmartThings, reset the sensor (I tried both holding down the button and taking out the battery), re-added the device handler and tried pairing again. It still shows up as a “thing” and when I go back to manually set the device type, it remains in the “open” state. It seems to pair, but the red light keeps blinking like it’s still trying to pair with something. I did eventually get one working, but when our power went out a few days ago, it stopped working again.

No, sorry
I’m trying to collect them all!

I wonder if you have a conflicting device handler that is getting picked up instead of the right one.

I don’t see how it could be…I only have 2 in there. One for my under cabinet lights and one for this contact sensor.

Recently I have been getting the GoControl kit with two door and a motion sensor from Home Depot online. It is just under $45 currently (Aug 31, 2017 - US based). Individually they seem to be selling from $30(±). So my thoughts are I at least get a free motion sensor out of it. If I decide not to use the motion sensor, I at least get an extra battery.

I like these ones because they also include the tamper alerts (using a community based device handler).

I use a SmartThings Samsung V2 Hub.