iOS 2.4.0 Logout Reports

(Kyle LeNeau) #1

We have been getting many reports of logout issues on iOS both in review form and community posts. Every release we have made steps to fix it either by applying a known fix or by adding more logging to aid in the discovery. Well we still need you help to understand and fix it so if you could we would like to request those that are seeing the issue to do the following when they see the logout.

  1. When you experience a logout contact support by sending us all your logs. In iOS this can be done in the Support menu -> Help Us Debug -> Send us all your logs.
  2. Please include in the description of the request: ATTENTION: iOS Logout Issue
  3. In the description of the email you will send with your logs please provide a date and time of when you noticed the logout.
  4. Repeat this every time you see the logout
  5. Report here your username and date and time as well. This will allow us to correlate the issue with support and log requests.

Thank you for the help, we really want to get to the bottom of this and solve it for you and our customers.


iOS 2.4.0 - Release Notes
Being logged out
(Tommy) #2

I have bin logout this morning 06:30

(Ben M) #3

Just set my v2 hub up yesterday and both my wife and I have each experienced a logout already.

(Kyle LeNeau) #4

We just pushed a 2.4.1 release yesterday to address more of the logout issues. Please check for that update and report back if you are still seeing the issue. We are still monitoring the logouts very closely.

(Ben M) #5

Haven’t gotten logged out since I updated to 2.4.1. Crossing my fingers that it stays that way!