Been away for awhile, need some advice/help with core and/or automations please

So it has been a year or more since I have really have done anything with my smartthings. Most things have been working ok and I have not had the time to mess with it. Today I had a leak and never received a notification and it made me decide to try to update/fix my set up. When I got on the forums I could not find what I was looking for and could not find the info in a search.
I will say, I am a novice for sure, I can follow directions, but that is about as far as my knowledge goes when it comes to this. I have some routines that run in core. Most have been working so I left it be. Now when I go into the core, i get a notice that it needs updating, I honestly have no idea what to do. Maybe core is no longer used? I also tried to set up a smart app to notify me when moisture is detected, it does not show in my smartapps, all it does it beep and give me a notice on smart things app that water was detected, even though I set it up for push notification to my phone.
Hoping someone can point me in the right direction to try to get things up to date and so I can attempt to straighten things out within my smartthings app and get back to using the devices I have installed the way I want to.

Core is no longer maintained except for needed patches. While Core still works and you can still update the code … you may want to consider two options.

option 1) install webCore, which is the newer and more powerful replacement for Core. But it does require that you rewrite all your pistons since there is no import tool. So many changes were made. installation instructions can be found on the wiki page on the webcore community formum at and you can ask questions on the forum at

option 2) if you are still using the ST Classic app… consider switching to the new ST app. It has new Automations that replace the Routines in the Classic app. The new app also has Smart Lighting and scenes. FYI… The Classic app is eventually going to be phased out so a good idea to start using the new app.

if you still want to update Core at this point, upgrade instructions can be found at

My advice at this point --> start using the new app and explore Automations, scenes and smart lighting. Also install and try webCoRE. Migrate off the Classic app and the old CoRE :slight_smile:

This is how out of it I am, how do I know if I am using the new smarthings app or the classic?
The app says version 2.18.1, build number 561929.

classic app has an icon with one one large circle (version 2.18.1)

new app icon has 6 small circles (v, 1.6.41 for iOS)

Wow, I just found the new app… way different… I will play around with it, probably install the webcore like you said. Thank you for the help. I am sure I will be back with some questions, but this will give me a good start. Appreciate your input!

parts of the following thread is starting to get out-dated but still a good starting point

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Thank you very much. I will get started updating.

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