Resetting Everything

I’ve been away for a while - work got rather busy.

I last had activity on the forums on 27-Mar-2016. Since then, my home SmartThings integration has just gotten more and more disconnected and clunky. Smart Lighting rules haven’t been firing, lights and other items have removed themselves from the network. I’ve found that the Windows application just can’t seem to re-add the devices.

Finally I had enough time to return to the forums and it appears SmartThings suffered a catastrophic event sometime in May? Which caused a few developers to drop support and run? Rather than wade through the forum posts to work out what I need to do in order to get my system stable again (and don’t say “buy Wink”, I have a sunk cost here), I am listing what I think I need to do:

  1. Try to work out a way to get my Windows phone to add missing devices
  2. Remove all SmartApps
  3. Add supported SmartApps

What else have I missed?

Welcome Back!

I have to admit that I personally feel that ST has made leaps and bounds in the right direction since the March Meltdown.

  1. Rule Machine is still lurking in the wild. Bruce bailed on everyone after ensuring the app couldn’t be picked up and ran with. So, something new and better evolved from the ashes.

  2. CoRe - Community’s Own Rule Engine. There is a primary developer (actually the only one) @ady624. This is an extremely power and diverse rule engine. It makes RM look like we were using regular dumb switches.

  1. AskAlexa smart app - This app by @MichaelS has brought the power of voice control via the Amazon Echo to the ultimate level in the ST environment.
  1. Updates are fixing things way more than they are breaking things. (though there are still screwups).

  2. Stability seems to be a lot better, as well as reliability.


Thanks for sharing

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Well, I contacted support to ask them why I’m not authorised to add or manage my own devices. We’ll see what happens.

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Windows phone support is lacking. Wink and Iris do not even support it. The market share is pretty low, many companies don’t bother with it.

A workaround could be using a virtual Android Device. I use for work, which is free for indivduals. Here is a guide that looks legit on how to install it with google play.

Or you could get a Amazon fire tablet, and load google play. They go on sale fairly often, think I got mine for $35. Pretty sure ST is not in the Amazon App store. I use mine as a remote with harmony and smarttiles.

The problem with attitudes like this is it gives companies who claim to support the Windows infrastructure a chance to get away with not supporting the Windows infrastructure.

SmartThings supports the Windows infrastructure. I expect them to fix the issue. I expect it is some kind of corruption on my devices that means I’m not authorised to them.

I will message you when I’m in the office next time. We should have a lunch and talk ST. I thought you are not doing this anymore.

Still doing this, but… other things got in the way. Other, busy, messy things. But hey, UAT is almost done. :slight_smile: