What happened to Webcore updates?

I’ve used Webcore for years. When Rule Machine went away it sort of broke my heart, but Webcore has been just great. One thing, though, I used to “update from repo” quite often, but I haven’t seen an update for quite a while. Is it not being updated, or am I doing something wrong?

i havent seen any updates.

Our great hero @ady624, the author of webCoRE, was hired by ST and is working on big things! There were an update here and there but it’s no longer being maintained. However, I haven’t had ANY issues in it’s current state and as far as I’m concerned, I really don’t need anything else.

Well…outside of a, b, c, d, Scenes, STHM, e, f, Scenes, STHM, g, Scenes, STHM, etc.

Did I mention access to the New App Scenes and STHM?


I LOVE WEBCORE - there I am out! I said it! :wink: Now I’ll go back to lurking! :wink:

Out of an abundance of caution in case Webcore in its current state will have compatibility issues with the new SmartThings IDE (whenever that will be) I migrated as many pistons as I could as automations in the new SmartThings app. I had a total of ten pistons in Webcore to start and I managed to reduce it down to two. Granted, my pistons really weren’t that complicated to begin with so it was rather painless to migrate them over. While the automations feature in the new app could use more work, it’s not bad all things considered.

The only pistons I couldn’t migrate over were Webhook events to make voice announcements on my tablet and a piston with a countdown timer that I still want to be able to cancel if I need it to. The new SmartThings app doesn’t support cancellation of timers, or I haven’t been able to figure it out yet.

As a side note I’ve actually noticed a better response time with automations as compared to Webcore so that was a plus.