Beaming - Lock is not working

Need some help - I have installed a Schlage Connect lock, connected but now I can not get a status or get it to lock. I see that often locks need a beaming device near them to work, I have a Jasco 14318 about 3 feet away and according to what I am finding it supports beaming…now what? Do I need to configure the device to accept communication or does it just work.

Thank you!

What device handler is assigned to the lock?

Also, run z-wave repair (@JDRoberts recommendation) :slight_smile:

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Sometimes devices lose communication with the gateway. If the Z-Wave repair mentioned by @jkp doesn’t resolve it, Exclude your lock, reset it and then pair it again.

Using the SmartTings built in handler.

Running that now, it says 10 minutes but I have also seen threads that talk about it taking hours to work, is that true?

Depends on how many zwave devices you have. More devices, the longer it will take. If you have less than 30, it should take less than an hour, say 30 minutes I’d guess?


I have to do this in the Classic App correct? Everything is connected in the new app, when I go into Classic is says my hub is off line.

You can run z-wave repair in the SmartThings app, click on the hub in your device list, click on the 3 dots in the upper right of the screen and select z-wave utilities

All I have is Guest Access, Network Settings and Information. This is in the new SmartThings App, everything appears to be online. In the classic app my hub shows off line. I am running the Connected Home with 3 hubs, however when I try the Allow this but to instantly connect I get a network server error.