Battery Powered Switch

I have a Wifi (Balboa) Spa module connected to my hot tub that allows me to control the pumps, light, etc. The problem is the module often falls off the network and can only be reconnected by rebooting the entire tub. Anyone that owns such the same module will have the same problem and a reboot is the only “practical” solution. The company is aware and are searching for a solution (over 1 year now).

I removed the module from the spa and placed an extension cable in its place. The module then connects the the other end of the extension which is accesible from outside the tub. Now instead of rebooting the entire tub, i can simply go outside, disconnect and reconnect the module from the extension and I am back in business for a day or two. Repeat and rinse.

My questions are: Is there a way to automate this by the use of a z-wave toggle switch? When the module disconnects I simply turn the switch off and back on. If so, what is it called and where can I get it??

If the module just needs to do a power cycle, wouldn’t the GE outdoor plug work? Or is it not rated high enough for the power draw?

Seeing its plugged into another outlet I assume this switch is a 120v, 15 amp switch. I have never been able to find details specs on the module but the power draw is very low probably in the 5-24 volt range.

Sounds like you need a relay to hook your low voltage wires to. Here is a ZigBee Relay that should do the trick. I have one controlling my fountain and it works great with SmartThings. I think I had to write a custom device type to control both relays independently and will be happy to share if you need it.

Sorry its not ZWave but hey all the cool kids use ZigBee anyway!


Z-wave or zigbee. Really doesnt matter as long as I get it connected to ST.

Not clear how this relay would work. It looks like it connects to standard AC power source and controls devices such as an AC outlet (spec say 90V-240 V) . Are you saying that instead of connecting the standard 14 gauge AC wiring I simply connect the wires from the wifi module instead?? How is your fountain connected??

If you get a chance take a look at the quick start guide in it you will see this picture:

The red and blue wires at the bottom will have to go to your AC 110v black and white wires. That powers the device and allows it to commuincate with the SmartThings hub over ZigBee.

On the right side you hook up your load wires you will only need to use Relay 1 marked N/O to Load 1. That means it is a Normal Open Relay contact. Think of it as a switch in the off position.

Just above the picture of this relay you see this statement:

They are telling us the relay can switch on or off an AC or DC load. I think your controller is using DC.


Nothing to add, other than to say this is probably one of the coolest things I’ve heard of in a while. :smile:

wonderful… thanks for all the info. Sure looks like that might work for me :smile:

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lol yes. The tub is rebooted by holding down the Pump CTRL + Light Alt + Water Del buttons OR…
toggling the circuit breaker for the tub off then on :smile: