Wanting hot tub control in ST

(Adam W) #1

Looked around but haven’t come across any viable solutions for hot tub control…

I want to be able to turn my 220 VAC Hot Tub on and off completely.

I also want thermostat control as I normally turn the tub down a few degrees when not in use then bump it up a couple hours prior to use. This may be more complex considering the vast number of different hot tubs but then again I would think you would just be able to tie in a smart thermostat…not exactly sure how proprietary the control boxes are on hot tubs…

Anyone else done something similar?

Look forward to the different ideas out there, thanks!

(F5snopro) #2

They sell a (pricey) z-wave spa unit here:

Could get creative like these guys did with a 220v water heater:

I’ve thought about doing this myself but gotta get my hot tub functioning properly before I can think about automation…

(Carson Dallum) #3

I had a gutter heating system installed that runs on 220. As a solution, I had the electrician install a contactor switch (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Contactor) to the 220 system, then a simple on/off switch is installed to the contactor. Doing so allowed me to use the GE z-wave on/off switch (https://shop.smartthings.com/#!/products/ge-in-wall-on-slash-off-switch). Not sure if this could work for your hot tub, but it may be worth checking it out.

(John Rucker) #4

Have you looked at this? http://smartenit.com/product/zbmlc30/ You will have to have a custom device type created to use it but it will control a 30A 220v load. That is about as big as your going to get in the home market. It is $179.

(Cody Truscott) #5

Aeotec sells a 40A version for $100.

(Matthew Bial) #6

@adam2 The unit @f5snopro is referring to is an Intermatic PE653. There is a thread about using this device with SmartThings here.

If you’re interested, the best price I could find online (without a handheld remote) is $195 here.