Hot Tub with SmartThings

My daughter is interested in getting Smart Things, if just to control her hot tub with an app. Based on the picture

I would say it is 110. But what about amperage? Is there something she can use to control the hot tub with SmartThings??? Thanks Guys…

There are several high amperage zwave switches which will work with SmartThings. People typically use them for hot water heaters or pool equipment. But you need to know the exact specs on the hot tub heater.

Some of these do require wiring, though, you can’t just plug-in something to them. So they are more like the in wall micros, although typically they aren’t inside the wall but rather inside a box case. You just have to look at each individual device to see how it’s intended to work. Also, in general the higher amperage devices will cost significantly more than the 15A ones you may be used to. Prices up to $200 for one device are pretty common.

You can find discussion of these on the quick browse lists in the community – created wiki if you look on the HVAC or pool equipment lists.

One specifically which is quite popular is the GE indoor/outdoor 40A Switch

BTW, if it is 110 V and 15 A or less, then you have a lot of in wall outlet choices.

If it’s 20 A, there used to be an outlet choice from Enerwave but it’s been discontinued and they haven’t yet come out with the Z wave plus replacement, although they have said that they would later this year. Otherwise you’re back to the wired relays again.

There are quite a few “plug and play” 110 V hot tubs out now, so you may be lucky as long as the amperage is low enough. There are some on the market that are as low as 11 A, although those also tend to be very slow to heat up, so people often end up converting them over to a higher amperage circuit anyway.

I forgot one more thing… If code in your daughter’s Township requires that the outlet for a hot tub must be a GFCI outlet, then we have to go back to hardwiring a switch because there are no GFCI zwave outlets as they have two different purposes. A Z wave outlet has to always be drawing current so that it can hear the next “on” command from the network while a GFCI outlet has to be able to cut current completely. So that’s another issue even if it is a low amperage unit.

Thanks…you are the best. I have emailed my daughter to see if I can find out the model number to do more research on the specs…thanks

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have similar need = smart plugs/sockets for 20AMPs 110V 120V

Have hot tub. Needs dedicated circuit (already installed professionally) but now I want to add remote wifi capabilities. I’m happy replace the socket if no plug is capable. But having a hard time finding smart plug/socket with 20AMP rating. I saw the 40A ezzwave link above but that is way overkill.

Any new products or ideas?