Lost two sensors this week

I had two Samsung sensors - one motion and one door - fall off my network over the last two days. Both say 100% battery power on the IDE dashboard but status=OFFLINE. Is it just coincidence or something bigger? Any ideas for debugging/fixing?

Welcome to the offline club. The fix is to momentarily pull the battery. I have to do this every 2-3 days for about 3-4 sensors. Sometimes a sensor will be fine for a week.

ST says it is a mesh issue for me, but my mesh was fine before replacing my hub. I’m waiting for a sale on the IRIS plugs to add more to my mesh. If that doesn’t fix it, I’m adding battery pulling to the kid’s weekly chore list.


Tried pulling the battery on the motion sensor. Still offline. :slightly_frowning_face:

You did reinsert it right? :smirk:

try holding down the button when you reinsert while searching with the mobile app for a new device. The device should be recognized as what it was before.

This has been an ongoing thing for a while. I have 8 window/door sensors and 6 motion sensors that have not worked for the last 4 days even though they say online in the IDE. Removing the battery has not worked. I tried removing a motion sensor from the system and then rejoining, will not rejoin. I removed 3 window/door sensors, it took multiple tries to get them to rejoin. All of these items run local. I am at the point where either my v2 hub has gone bad or the Smarthings system as a whole is just terrible.

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How long have your batteries been in in. Centralite verisons of the multi sensor and motion sensors have an issue with reporting 100%. Take a look at these links.

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Yeah, you kinda have to be sensible about battery with these things.

Replace the battery with a fresh one. If your offline device comes online, then guess what? :slight_smile:

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It is my opinion, and I stress mine only, that the z-wave mesh implementation in ST is just bad, and the ST system is just getting worse and has always been, bad. It seems that if your system is small all is OK, but gets worse with the number of devices one adds. The sad part about it is that ST is currently one of the “better” ones.

I have no hard evidence… My system has been relatively stable for months now (barring the always, ever present, ST delays which is due to over subscription on their side). I have added no new devices, be that Wi-Fi, Z-Wave or Zigbee. My ST box has been in the same location very far removed from my router. No new micro-wave, TV or anything like that.

And all of a sudden for the last, going on 6 weeks, I have had devices, both z-wave & zigbee, fall of the network. Some pair back up again. Others don’t. Some only pair up again for a short time before dropping again. In ST’s defense I (regrettably) have to even admit that it may be a real mesh issue, because I have 1 (2??) device that comes & goes based on the time of day!! But again I stress NO changes on my side at all.

I am currently seriously investigating a Wink 2 system hooked up to HASS for 100% local operation, but the learning curve is daunting. I just writing this makes me cringe when I have to think about losing webCore…


Same boat…everything stable until the last couple weeks…Support just
looks at logs and says fine on their end…

Zwave and zigbee devices falling off the network, monster delays in
reporting… for instance, I have a lighting automation that turns on the
back porch light when the sliding door opens, now, either the light never
comes on or it will come on 2-3 minutes later. Both devices are running

Robert Robinson

I put new batteries in the two sensors, and they are back up and running. Nothing else has fallen off in the meantime. Must’ve been a coincidence that they dropped off around the same time. Good to know that the battery readings can’t be trusted.

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Until they fix it, here is an easy way to see what the voltage is on the multi sensor with out pulling the battery and testing. If you open logs in the ide, then hit refresh on the sensor in the ST app, the log for the device will report the BatteryrawValue via a debug line. Multiply this by .1 and this is the current voltage reading. If it is 2.6 you are about to lose open/close on a CentraLite Model 3321-S multi sensor.

Put in a support request about it. Its been like this for over a month, they made a change that broke it and haven’t fixed it. Search the forums and you’ll find a couple topics on it.