Motion Sensor Battery

(Chris Kankiewicz) #1

I just got some SmartThings motion sensors (v2) and set up one of them a few days ago. When I set i up the battery reported 100% and yesterday it reported 88%. Looking online it looks more sporadic:

What’s going on? Also, what is the expected battery life on the motion sensors?


Lots of posts on this subject from which I gather this is not a big deal. The jest of other posts is everyone who has such sensor is seeing the same thing. Apparently, the sensor reports battery states in stages. The current state of 88% may be the lowest you will see for a long time (weeks, months?) then suddenly it will drop to 7n% something and bounce between 88 and 7n% something.

I have had mine since last fall and it is currently reporting 6n% Tomorrow it may be back to 7n% :slight_smile:

(Chris Kankiewicz) #3

@cdikland That’s what I was expecting but wanted to make sure. I’ll keep an eye on it and make sure it doesn’t drop rapidly.


Yeah the reporting is in ranges, with the top range being 100, and the very next range being 88. It will bounce back and forth between those two until it gets to the point where it’s bouncing back-and-forth between 88 and 76. Keep an eye on it, but likely it’s nothing to worry about.