Motion Sensor Battery Lvl always 100%



Does anyones battery level always show 100%? More of annoyance as i have to wait till it stops working before i know when i need to change the battery but a fault non the less.

I thought i had a faulty sensor but support says its a known issue and the engineers are working hard to fix it, obviously not that hard if thats true considering when the system was released

(Daisy Daisy give me your answer do) #2

I have 3 motion sensors which are showing 89% and another 3 that are 100%. Not sure whether to believe as I was lead to believe that the batteries would only last for about 3 months and they have been in use coming up 5 months now.

(Christopher) #3

It’s a known issue that SmartThings is aware of. Not sure what they are doing to fix it, but in the mean time we all get to play “battery roulette”.


I have an original SmartThings contact sensor and it’s been showing 1% battery now for the last month and it’s still working. Battery level accuracy hasn’t ever been that good. I guess YMMV depending on the device.


I’m assuming you’re talking about the ST branded sensors?

(Jonathan Musto) #6

1 motion and 2 multi sensors all showing 100% battery for me, but they are around 6 months old… Not sure what is taking them so long fix, it must just be an issue with the device handler as all my Xiaomi sensors are reporting accurate battery.