Google Home/Assistant and Z wave Shades/ Bali Shades- latest device handler

So with the latest device handler,

Google Home/Assistant does not recognize the type, Springs Window Fashions Shade. Most likely do to the “open” command.

It does recognize Z-Wave Dimmer Switch.


Anyone else find this issue?

I am wondering if it is just me. Sent an email to both Google and Smartthings support to see if there might be a workaround. I really like the new device handler icons and functions.

Hi. Did you ever get an answer to this? Struggling with the same issue?

They are trying a work around. Not sure when a fix would be implemented. I really like they interface for the shade. Hopefully, soon.

I switched it back to generic.

It has to do with Google and safety. ie unlocking doors etc. A lot of “open” commands do not work with google.

Hey, when you say you switched it back to Generic… what do you mean?

Under the IDE you can switch the device handler.

It’s been about six months since the last reply. I found this thread after tens of hours of research as my pair of Bali Autoview shades is my first real leap into the smarthome/ automation space. After my wife nearly packing up to go to a hotel as I’ve been cursing SmartThings and Google Assistant integration, I think I’ve finally become intelligent enough that I understand the issue I’m having is exactly what’s outlined here- Springs Window Fashion Shade is not a compatible device handler with Home/Assistant at the current time.

I copied a device handler from some other place last night and pushed it to one of the sets, and it swapped open and close- but it did get it into Google Assistant, so the proof of concept is there. After I type this, I suppose I’m going to switch them to generic and roll with that until SWFS is supported. Have there been any developments in the last six months?


Unfortunately, there has been no update. I really like the SWFS device handler but the Google Assistant to open and close is key to my setup.

I do believe that SWFS and Amazon works.