Smartthings Migration Sucks

I have Smartthings for a few years and alot of Smart items. Motion sensors, plugs, lights,water valve, cameras, etc… The migration seemed to work. But did it? I now have multiple Phones so I do not know which is which. I would love to be able to see if my wife is home or not. I had to create a virtual device to let me know if shes home or not. I had to create a virtual device to let myself know if I’m home also. Because every morning the Alarm system went off when the dog would take the dog out for a potty break. Then when i was coming home from work and open the garage the alarm would go off. Why doesnt the Smartthings Home Monitor work? All of my lights and Alexa items work. Well most of the time but thats another gripe. I have and now none of the buttons work to check to see if all of my light switchs are on or off. The new app is so slow that it takes probably 10-20 seconds to update, sometimes it shows up then when i click on it it says network disconnected but works anyway. The new apps is full of bugs. And if they are on I cannot shut them down with it. Its a nightmare and I am so angry that I do not want to even mess with it. I feel like ripping it out and taking the loss of tons of my hard earned money. The classic app was everything I needed and now this is being forced on us. I do like the new automations and some other good things but Classic was fine. Anyone else having these issues>?


Some are, some aren’t.



I have been dealing with samsung and smartthings tech support and supposedly the engineers/developers for over a month now. I cannot log into either the classic or new app. I am stuck in a loop. I have had samsung identify and verify that the app was the problem - not me - yet they still continue to ask me to log in with different emails, create new accounts, un install and re-install the apps (both) and even tried to get me to factory reset my brand new tablet. I have done all these things and more with a brand new and used tablet. And the used tablet has a working smartthings app I could access until Samsung changed something on the apps. Everything I have done doesnt work. And the techs/developers/engineers; despite knowing and having verified the app as the issue, still insist the problem is on my end. Before anyone asks, I cannot migrate to the new app cause I cannot log in. I cannot log in because I am stuck in a loop. Open app - log in - sends verify code - loops back to log in - and repeat. new tablet, old tablet, removed both apps on both devices multiple times, cleared all caches and so forth. Even tried it on my computer with an android app called bluestacks. My alexa device is no longer acknowledging smart products that it acknowledged in the past. The Groovy IDE site shows all products and status as okay. I am at a standstill…I have no access to the app at all. Forget about migrating to the new app. I cant get that far.

Who else has this specific problem?

What has been Samsung tech supports response to you?

What is going to happen on oct 14th when Samsung says the classic app will no longer work?

Who has suggestions other than those I have already stated above, that I can do on my end to troubleshoot?

What is this forums opinion about having multiple samsung accounts (email addresses) and their possible affects on log in capabilities? i.e. multiple accounts are creating the problem or hiding the root cause. I tried to get tech support to remove all my accounts - no joy. I even tried to get them to log in to the apps themselves using my current ID and password (which I could change if it worked). These are all valid troubleshooting suggestions that they wont try.

anyone in similar situation? whats your status?

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144 threads and counting. Wow.

Those aren’t all problems. Some of them are just people asking how a particular feature in the new app works, or where to find one, like location.mode, which has moved to a different place. But clearly there are a lot of questions about the new V3 app that aren’t answered by the in app documentation. :thinking:

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But the preponderance of them are issues with or caused by the migrations.