Awair integration (smartthings defaul) is broken?

I have noticed that the default samsung/smart things integration of Awair devices hasn’t worked since December of 2021. I have deleted and re-added, but the devices consistently show as offline and there seems to be no way to rectify it within the app or the IDE.

How do I report broken cloud integrations to samsung/smart things? And will they do anything about it?

The best method is to report it to Awair support but you may also want to tag ST support. Awair maintains the integration for it products with ST.

Thanks. I ended up using this custom handler which worked instantly: [RELEASE] AWAIR (SmartApp / DTH).

Better than dealing w/ Awair at the moment =).

just keep in mind that groovy will end at some point on the ST platform so that DTH will cease.

Oh really! I didn’t know about that. I probably have a ton of DTH/SA in groovy. Is there a deprecation schedule? What replaced it?

I have to say just about every ‘improvement’ over the years has been more of a feature loss to me. Pretty disappointing.

Edge will be the replacement for groovy. It is currently in Beta. At this posting, there has been no announcement for when they will end support for groovy on the ST platform.

Well don’t even waste your time with Awair support…it is the most inept and absolute worst tech support I’ve EVER had the mis-pleasure of dealing with…complete garbage experience from a garbage company

Honestly that’s a refreshing update at least, seems like directionally a very positive end state after the transition!