Disappointed with this hub

Samsung seems to forget we pay for these hubs and all they seem to do with these hubs is turn off everything that we rely on working properly and break it all the time when it’s working well, they keep fiddling with it and the worst thing is that there is no Phone support and when trying to add new devices it comes up with a message can’t find the device and refuses to do anything else. I think people are better off with Home Assistant. Samsung should refund peoples money .The only control on devices is routines and scenes. surely when we pay for hub we should have full control of how we Operate it . Their constant fiddling with these hops really get on my nerves. Do everyone remember the time when we was on the classic app and then we moved to the new app all the trouble that we had then and here we are again more problems. Also the Samsung ide site menu missing can’t add anything either on the simulated switch, which is pointless they should undo all these so-called upgrades. It is so sad, we’ve come to this now as I used to be a big fan of SmartThings