Smartthings to Home Assistant in 2023?

Does anyone know if the Smartthings to Home Assistant integration is still functional?

Will it stay functional as things migrate? As I understand it, when setup it creates a home assistant smart app?

Last question, would this allow connecting the 2 so I can use the Life360 integration of home assistant, and phone presence on WiFi integration to help control presence in Smartthings?

I looked through the forum, but most post and threads were dated and discuss the setup pre Smartthings upgrades.

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It better. I paid for an annual HA Cloud subscription just last month solely for the purpose of ST - HA integration

The ST integration works, BUT…

  1. it’s ST >> HA. NOT the other way around. so whatever is in HA stays in HA. It imports ST ‘stuff’ into HA.
  2. It’s cloud <> Cloud integration so it does adda ccloud hop to whatever you’re doing.

But it DOES use the API so should be immune to the groovy shutdown.

That said, according to comments on the HA community site, it’s been ‘spotty’ and unknown if the current shakiness is related to whatever ST is doing on thier end. (My gut says yes, the issues didn’t arise until suspiciously around the time we started seeing regular migraitons of DTHs to Edge drivers and the shutdown of the Groovy API)


I have had an HA system intg with ST for a couple of years. Once the 45.11 ST related releases happened there were bad problems to a point that the ST was mostly unusable - even thru the ST app. And then two days ago every zigbee device of the ST system went offline and it’s still in that state - over 60 devices that had been perfectly functional for years. Well except for year or so back when ST changed my hub’s zigbee channel # and I had to re-add every device - 110 at the time.

There’s a escalation for this latest issue with the support team but have not heard a peep.

At this point I would not recommend using ST in general as I don’t think the way this Thread set of releases had been done - and the lack of effective support - points toward a successful business. And this pains me as a former loyal user.


Thank you everyone for the very informative post. I guess I’m going to sit on this a while and see where things shake out in the end.

I was so hoping there was a way to share back and forth.

Thanks again. I appreciate the quick responses.

Of course all of this uses the remote api, so nothing is local. That said…
I “share” by using virtual devices by Taustin.

  1. Make a virtual device in ST for what I need (watch naming so you know it is fake - I’ve taken to add a “V” to the end of the name).
  2. Reload your ST integration in HA so the new device shows up in HA.
  3. Set an automation up in HA to sync your HA device you want in ST with the ST virtual device.

Since this manipulates an ST device within HA, the virtual device is directly available and syncs in ST. You can make it a two way sync as well.

I do this with several devices. Items like presence, a flow meter, and a few wifi devices (bulbs, camera motion, myq garage openers, etc).
There are also blueprints in HA that i use to simplify setup, like this one that syncs the on/off state of two devices:

Direct blueprint import:
Open your Home Assistant instance and show the blueprint import dialog with a specific blueprint pre-filled.


Thank you, I was still intrigued by finding a way and was thinking about virtual devices. Lo and behold you step in and verify it for me.

That’s what I was hoping to do. Since I’ve setup Life360 and my Linksys router to track us in Home Assistant. It seems to be pretty accurate and reliable.

I’m VERY NEW to Home Assistant, so still struggling to self educate and learn how to set things up and perform automations.

Home Assistant has a VERY steep learning curve to it.

Thank you for your reply and help.

If you don’t mind I may PM you if I have further questions setting it up.

Feel free to message me.

I’m only about 3-4 months into actually using HA - just lots of googling and wasted time spurred by losing functionality with groovy going away. My presence is similar, using iOS app for the iPhone people and TP-Link integration for my non-ios stuff.
I agree, getting stuff integrated tends to work pretty well with a bit of reading, but automations are much more flexible and thus harder to setup. They do offer traces, testing, and logging when things go wrong and have certainly much improved in the short time I’ve been using it. I’ve kept most of my simple lighting automations in ST for that reason and of course keeping things purely local.

Just thought I would post back my results in case others look in the forum.

I did get this to work and has been functioning in some fashion for over a week.

I first struggled to get the Home Assistant to setup and run. This was my own doing in that I was trying to use a Libre S905x-cc board vs a Pi or Odroid board. The issue is Libre makes modified OS images to run on their boards. Which it does work but it was a battle getting some of Home Assistant software to load because of this unique OS setup.

Once I had Home Assistant functioning I added the support to track devices (I’m looking for phone tracking for presence detection) on our router and Life360. These worked very reliably for many days.

Then I used an edge driver to create 2 virtual presence sensors in Smartthings.

So then I added Smartthings integration to Home Assistant. I had to jump through a few hoops there but nothing overly difficult. I then created automations in Home Assistant to control the two virtual presence switches that I created in Smartthings.

These 2 virtual presence devices in Smartthings have been tracking very consistently.

So this type of setup to use Home Assistant for presence tracking (which just works, unlike Smartthings presence tracking) and relay that status to Smartthings is possible.