Avatar Controls - GU10 Smart WiFi Light Bulbs

Hi there, I’m trying to connect the Avatar Controls GU10 Smart WiFi light bulbs to SmartThings as they said it is possibile, but can’t found the “brand” on the relevant section. Can you please help to know if that vendor is on the list?


They aren’t specifically, but you can probably get some integration through the Smart Life or Tuya apps. That is true of many brands that use the tuya platform behind the scenes.

@Paul_Oliver may have more to add, he’s used that integration.

@JDRoberts thanks for replying and for the suggestion. Actually, on their apps they have the SmartThings integration (which doesn’t work and request to go into the brand section of SmartThings App). They’re asking me to cancel the cache on ST - but it’s a nonsense

Over on the Home Assistant forum they say these bulbs work with the SmartLife App and their Tuya integration.

So with SmartThings you could try 2 things.

  1. Leave the bulbs in the Avatar app. Then in Smartthings chose add by brand and chose TUYA.

  2. If that doesn’t work pair the bulbs with the Tuya App or SmartLife App. Then in Smartthings chose add by brand and chose TUYA.

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Thanks a lot, will try soon!

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