MOES/Tuya Light Bulbs

I recently got a WiFi connected LED lightbulb made by MOES and ‘Powered by Tuya’. This works well with the MOES app and with the Tuya app but it does not show in SmartThings. I have other Tuya devices that show in SmartThings and Tuya is a linked application in SmartThings.

Does anyone have any idea why the light doesn’t show in SmartThings? Has anyone made the Moes Smart Edison Bulb 2 color changing lightbulb work in SmartThings?

I had the same problem when I tried adding my Wiz bulb wherein it got added in the Wiz app but wasn’t appearing in smartthings. I went to settings, chose the linked services and clicked wiz after which it appeared straightaway. May be, you want to try this too. If this doesn’t work, then your bulb may not be supported.

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Two things:

1st try refreshing you Tuya/SmartLife connection in ST and see if that helps.

2nd many or most Tuya devices do not have the firmware needed to integrate with SmartThings. See the following link.


Thanks for the tips. I tried multiple things, but the lights did not appear under Linked services in SmartThings. The light works ok with both the Tuya App and the MoES app.

I refreshed the connection multiple times, logged out and back into SmartThings, I also tried creating Tap to Run routines in the Tuya App as the link suggests. While these work in the Tuya App, the device still does not appear in SmartThings - despite refreshing the Tuya connection in SmartThings. Other Tuya devices are working OK in SmartThings. I have a garage door sensor that is used reliably every day and is linked to SmartThings as a ‘Linked Service’.

I think I have tried everything here. Is there a color changing LED light bulb that users have found that works well with SmartThings?

Personally, I only use bulbs with good safety certifications, so I don’t typically consider the cheapest brands. (Yes, exploding lightbulbs is a thing.)


If you have an ST hub, Zigbee bulbs are probably the most popular. There are several good brands. You will also need a hub to connect something via matter.

My own medium-priced RGBW favourite is Innr Zigbee bulbs. Good brightness, ETL certified, work out of the box with SmartThings, available at Amazon in multiple regions. They are typically sold in a two pack, so check the description to validate the price.



I like IKEA Tradfri bulbs bought from IKEA for plain white bulbs. Excellent price, available in many regions. A few community members have had some difficulty with them, but most people seem to find they work fine. They do make RGB bulbs in some markets, but lots of reports of hissing with those, which may be why they’re not more widely available.

Sengled and Sylvania Are also popular Zigbee brands in the community, but may require custom code.


If you don’t have a SmartThings hub, then Wi-Fi bulbs are usually the best choice. Some people with an ST hub use matter over Wi-Fi.

I hear good things about Philips Wiz (a sister brand to Philips Hue, but much less expensive), but I haven’t tried them myself because I generally don’t use Wi-Fi for lightbulbs. The newer wiz models are using matter over Wi-Fi, which is nice, so if you’re using them with a SmartThings hub, you don’t need the hue bridge.

Depending on the country you are in, there will be quite a few other options as well, but I think these are probably the most popular in early 2024.

Tapo and Linkind are both budget brands that also offer RGB matter over Wi-Fi bulbs, but both have a higher than normal number of complaints about incompatibility and buzzing/flickering, so I think they may need a little work yet.

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One more thing to try. Months ago the Tuya integration stopped bringing Tap-to-Run automations into SmartThings. I contacted Tuya help and they were no help. They basically told me that was not an intended part of their integration.

So as an experiment I tried the SmartLife integration and it worked. So I left my devices in the Tuya app but I use the SmartLife integration in SmartThings. So if you are using the Tuya integration give the SmartLife integration a try. No need to change the app you a using.


Thanks for the tips and the perseverance! I downloaded SmartLife and set it up with the Smart bulb and it works in that app. I also created a couple of ‘Tap to run’ routines using the device and I linked SmartLife to Alexa and Google Home.

I added SmartLife to the SmartThings app and I see the other devices in SmartLife (the garage door sensor and opener) but not the lightbulb. I think this just confirms that the bulb is not compatible with SmartThings.


The bulbs are obviously NOT ST compatible. But the Tap-to-Run automations you create should get imported in ST even if the bulbs are NOT compatible.


Try raising a support ticket with ST to see if you will get any help on this. If not, return the product and request a refund:-)

FWIW, I have 8 Linkind RGB Matter over wi-fi bulbs I bought 6 months ago that so far have been working flawlessly. I was emailed a coupon that brought them down to $2 apiece, so I figured they were worth a try. I’ve had a bunch of Linkind devices over the past few years and they’re not super high quality but they’ve always worked as they should.