TECKIN SB50 smart bulb and smart things

I am trying to get this to work with smart things. I have tried using both the Smart Life & Tuya app ST is able to recognize and control a wifi plug but is not able to recognize these bulbs. Does anyone have a solution?

At this point the integrations are the responsibility of the device manufacturer, not smartthings, so you would need to talk to them.

There have been reports from other community members of tuya integrations which only worked with some devices. Apparently if you open the manufacturer app and look at the edit page for the device details you can see which integrations are available, and if smartthings is not listed, then the device is not exposed to the integration.

Some people have been able to get some integration by putting the device into a scene in the Tuya app and then sometimes that scene will show up in the smartthings app through the integration, but it’s not full control.

See the following thread for more discussion:

Tuya Smart does it work?

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For items that dont have direct support, you can create “tap to run” entries for your bulbs (one for on and one for off for example) these entries will then appear in Smartthings and can be used to control the bulbs. Just relink to SMartlife and they should appear.


Fortunately, even if the device does not show Smartthings as a partner in the tuya device edit page, they still show as device scenes in Smartthings once c2c is created

I have 4 RGBW wifi lamps that have on off available via created scenes in the tuya app, and as they connect easily to Alexa, full control via voice for colour control and on off

Having said that, this worked for a time but they all now appear offline in ST with no access to turn on or off.

You should be able to link them to virtual switches using WebCore pistons. Then you can control the virtual switches in Smartthings.

Done successfully after following your advice, thanks.

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