Automations have vanished

I cannot no longer view my automations on my smartthings app (the snowflake). The automations are still operating, but I cannot view or access them. Any suggestions?

Are you trying to access then almost immediately after opening the app? I have that happen every so often as well, but you have to wait for the new app to load properly. It’s much slower than the Classic app…

If that’s not your symptoms, then make sure you’re in the right Location in the new app.

My Automations in the New App has also disappeared! Although…it’s because I deleted them on purpose. :rofl: :rofl:

Will continue using SmartLighting and webCoRE until I can’t anymore. The new Automation Engine in the New App needs some serious work. The biggest thing is, I can’t see what triggered what in the history if using the New Automation Engine. That is a big big big oversight.

I hope it works out for ya.


Completely agree, and I’ll add that we need to see which automations a device is a part of, like the SmartApp tab within a device’s page (like the Classic app does).