Automations Showing in Classic App, Not in New

I have the Classic App on my iPad Pro and the new App on my iPhone X. Devices show on both apps. But my automations, which are working fine, show up only on my classic app, not on the new app. Why is that and how do I fix it?

These use two separate back end platforms. (For example, there are no “routines” in the new V3 app, but its custom automation creator is much better than the one in the V2 classic app.)

So basically you have to recreate automations in the V3 app using the V3 app if you are using the official features.

I honestly don’t know what happens with custom smart apps at this point, there have been some recent changes and it was all pretty complicated.

What specific automations are you missing?


Everything. I assume they are all considered “custom” as I created them all. Perhaps an exception is the “Auto Presence” (or some such label) that I just configure to recognize which presence devices (my phones) are to determine Home or Away. But that doesn’t show in the new app either.

On a related matter, the home and away settings are rather dorked up. I can’t give you a simple example because it is not consistent. That being said, on the classic app both our phones will show as away in the Classic App when they are home, or sometimes it is just my wife’s. In any case, I need to manually set the Away, Night, and Home settings when using the Classic App, or go to Manage my location on the New App, and set it there manually.

I guess that means I should recreate the automation (such as lights) in the new app and then delete its equivalent in the classic app, right? I can see how things would get quite confused.

Yes. :sunglasses:

Also there are multiple reports in the forums that presence in the new V3 app is flaky if you have both apps installed on the same IOS device. If you have another iOS device like an iPad you can put the classic on that and then use the presence feature in the V3 app on your phone, but if you try to run both apps on the same iPhone presence may not work reliably in the new V3 app.

As far as what “custom“ means, it means you installed separate code into your cloud account. If you are using just the official smartthings app, whether it’s the new one or the old one, then none of that is “custom.“

I no longer have both apps on the same device. I just have one or the other: Classic on iPad and new app on phone.

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looking at the new app i cant find any phone (clasic pressance sensor) to add to automations.
Do the v3 app autmations show in the IDE (smartapps/live logging)?

My wife’s iPhone stopped reporting presence reliably so I deleted and re-added it in the classic app. It added correctly but did not work. I tried several times and had no success. I called ST support expecting terminal hold times and other delays and transfers. Unbelievably, they came on the line within a minute, I the tech actually knew what he was talking about and wasn’t just reading steps off a page. I told him the steps I had already taken and he didn’t make me repeat them. He had me remove the classic app from her phone and install the new app and sign her in with her own account which she already had. He had me remove her presence in the classic app from my phone. and then add it in the new app on her phone. To add it in the new phone, open the new app, hit the three bar hamburger icon, hit the settings gear icon on top right of the screen, and turn on “Use phone location”, then there are some permissions to approve and then it should be working. YMMV of course.

TLDR; iPhone presence problems, delete from classic app, turn on phone location in new app settings menu.

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was trying to understand why the mobile presance devices created in clasic and showing in the IDE were unable to be found and used in the new app, ie why arnt all my devices available in new app

Because using the phone as a presence sensor actually means using the app as a presence sensor. The presence sensor isn’t a separate device: it’s a feature of that app.

Therefore the presence sensor feature of the V2 classic app doesn’t carry over to the new V3 app. The V3 app has its own presence sensor feature.

does the new one have modes?

Thank you for giving me some things to try. Both my wife’s iPhone and my iPhone have the new app. As mentioned earlier, I have the Classic App only on my iPad Pro. But I am not using the iPad as a presence sensor. I can’t remember whether I have my wife’s app logged in under her Samsung account or mine. I guess I need to check.

Yes, and it’s the same mode for location as the classic app.

where are they in new app

do you then have to get the mode to triger a sceen?

I’m sorry, I don’t understand this question. I’ll have to leave it to those more familiar with the new V3 app to answer. (They only recently fixed the voice navigation, so I’ve not used it much.)


Hey folks, I exhibited “male pattern blindness”. In the New App I was looking for all my automations that I had created in the Classic App, and I was was only looking in the Automations section. For some reason I wasn’t looking in the SmartApps section; all of my previously created automations are there.

In the New App, what is the distinction and purpose between Automations and SmartApps?

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In the Classic app, you had a section called Automation that contained two sub sections -> Routines and Smartapps.

In the new app, you have Automations which is basically an updated and improved version of Routines.

Smartapps has two sections. There is the Smartapps under the menu and there is Connected services under the menu > settings (the cog). Connected services contains all the cloud-to-cloud integrations.


Thanks. One thing I have noticed, and it may be because I haven’t dug deep enough. There doesn’t seem to be a way in the New App to use the old “Power Allowance” technique to shut off lamps. For example, in the Classic App I had a SmartApp to turn on my Living Room lamps at Sunset plus x minutes. And I had a separate SmartApp to turn them off after they had been on for 3 hours; it was a Power Allowance factor. I can’t find how to do that in the New App.

Smart lighting should do it

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Yeah, there’s still smart lighting. You can also add a timed shut off to the on action in the custom automation creator.

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