New SHM with WebCore?

My original goal was to send a broadcast such as “Front Door is open” to google home speakers using smarthings, GAR, raspberry pi and webcore.

Everything is working perfectly except the SHM status on both classic and new app. When I DISARM I don’t want any notifications; broadcast, push or anything.

When using Classic App - SHM status is detected by webcore, all my pistons run flawlessly and turn off when disarmed BUT…I still get Push notifications everytime a smartthings device is triggered. I have tried everything to stop these notifications when disarmed. I even lived with it for a while, but there are so many, that pile up and keep coming back!

New App - After giving up on the old app I installed the new app to test the SHM. By running both in parallel webcore was accessible from either. With the new app I had the opposite issues. When SHM was disarmed it suppressed all push notifications, but webcore failed to read the correct status, so my pistons never fire.

Am I missing something regarding SHM push notifications on the classic app?

Does webcore not work with SHM on new app?

Should I abandon webcore, use the new app and try something else to send POST commands to my GAR?

Except for webcore and SHM the apps have a very basic configuration.

SHM in the new app is actually a completely different smartapp than the one in the classic app, they just have the same name. :scream:

The last time I looked, the new one was not available to anything except the new app and the new SmartThings button. It doesn’t work with Webcore.



Thanks for the info, I figured. Looks like I need to find an alternative to webcore with the new app any suggestions?

Terrible that samsung did this. Webcore was such a powerful tool.

WebCoRE is not the problem…

There are NO SmartApps that can control “new SHM” because no API has been published for it.

Heck, there is no officially published API for “classic SHM” either, but it leaked out years ago.

SmartThings is aware that developers want a way to control SHM (and more… We’d like to directly receive and dismiss alerts, etc.), but like any feature request, no answer or ETA has been given.

It may never happen.


I don’t want to control the SHM, I just want WebCoRE to know the SHM status (Armed, Stay or Disarmed). Worked fine in the old app, but does not in new app.

I am looking for alternatives to WebCore for sending POST commands based on the SHM status on the new app. I am going to try IFTTT this week.

Sorry for the confusion.

Sorry for the confusion…

In this context, “control SHM” and “find out the status of the SHM Armed State” are unfortunately both the same problem.

SmartThings has not published an API to read the SHM Armour State (or subscribe to Armed State change Events) for the new SHM.

They haven’t published it for Classic SHM either, but it was leaked years ago, and is in use by many SmartApps, including WebCoRE.

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To follow up on my issue, which was Push Notifications even when SHM is disarmed.

Originally, since my Galaxy S7 has the New smarthings app by default, I used that to setup the hub and all sensors. Then installed the classic app with WebCore.

After starting from scratch and using the Smarthings Classic app to configure my hub and all sensors, the issue was resolved…

Would you mind sharing that leaked API? I would like to fetch the armed status.

Unfortunately you are replying to an old post and the person you replied to, has sadly passed away.

The leaked API he mentioned was for the SHM in the classic app and not for STHM in the new app.

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That’s unfortunate…

I actually was asking about the classic api

I would suggest not wasting your time with the Classic app. It is being shut down in 2 months (October 14, 2020)

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Just develop virtual switches (VS) to control the “new SHM” (SHTM). Then you can use Webcore to flip those virtual switches. So you have 3 modes that you need a VS for:
Then you also need 3 automations for when you flip each virtual switch. So if you turn the Alarm-Stay virtual switch on, set an automation to turn Alarm-Away and Disarm both off. Do similar things appropriately for the other modes.