Automation not working after update (19 Feb 2019)

After the update none of the automations to turn lights on when motion is detected. Verified motion detector is working and it is reporting motion.

Are you talking about automations created in the new app? If so i had the same problem.

Yes the new app that was updated yesterday

My issue had to do with outside. If you cant get it to work then you should contact support. This new update was a big release so i imagine there are still some bugs.

Thanks. I have contacted them

I had some problems. Turns out that the new app TURNED OFF the use of location services and I had to turn it back on. So any of my automations that utilized geofencing had stopped working until I turned that back on.

just tested a motion based automation i had created before in the new app last night. turns on fine, doesn’t turn off after X minutes, which is a known bug.