Automations Not Working In New App

Have had zero luck getting the new Smartthings app to work for me. The classic app was easy to use and everything just worked.

I have tried several times to get Automations to work with no luck.

I created an automation to automatically set the system to Armed (home) at 10pm and turn off at 4:30am. It does nothing. Is there something I’m not setting right? If I manually set the system to Armed and open a door it sets the Arlo siren off like it is supposed to just will not do it through Automations.

I also set up an automation for when we leave the house to use geolocation to arm the system it does not work either. It has the correct address for our home.

Last but not least I noticed when it sends text notifications that the time is way off. I’m in central time zone and it says UTC time zone. May not have anything to do with the system just wondering if this could be the problem. Notice the times on this text are way off.

Any help is appreciated I’m about done with smartthings, been looking at the Wyze system looks pretty good.

Thanks for any help

The automation you showed for this does not do that.
It will trigger if BOTH your Location Mode is Night and Security mode is Armed sometiem between 10P and 430AM

Basically if your location is night and your security system arms after 10p, set the location to night. (do nothing, it’s already night)

Your IF should contain the time period and appropriate location mode. THEN should contain the Security mode action.

make sure Location services are turned on for both devices, that location services allows access to SmartThings ALL the time (not just when running) and that in the app you’ve allowed Smartthings to access your location.

In your current automation you have multiple devices, take one of them out until you figure out which device is being problematic.

All internal actions in SmartThings run in UTC - that’s correct for US Central TimeZone.

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In addition to what was pointed out by @nathancu, you have to do 2 automations, one to arm and one to disarm STHM.

By adding the condition to check STHM status before Arming (at home) or Disarming in the “If” part, you avoid that if you have STHM Armed (Away) if you are on vacation, it will not execute these automations.

Similar to this for Arming:

Similar to this for disarming:

the disarm will automatically include a notification telling you that STHM is disarmed, if you don’t need it, you can delete it by clicking on “-” of the notification

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Thank you all for the help. Was able to get it working to turn on and off at a particular time so thank you very much.

Still have had zero luck with the geofencing. I deleted my wife’s phone and just used mine did not work. So I switched and deleted my phone added my wife still nothing.

What’s strange is I get the notification that everyone has left to arm the system just can’t get it to do it on its own like I used to be able.

Thanks for all the help

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