Automation not running


I wanted to ask if anyone else is experiencing the same issues as me with automations.

For the past year or so I have had constant problems with presence via geolocation to change the security and location modes.

I use automation based on members location …out of total frustration at this keep failing I opted to install Life360 which i thought might fix it … but then I notice it’s not actually the presence detection but actually the automation that simply doesn’t run.

For example I have an automation that says if this person is no longer present then do various things such as change security and location mode. I can clearly see the presence sensor changing state … but the automation never runs .

I have checked settings and it’s set to wait 1 minute then trigger but it just doesn’t… tried various settings and I get the same results.

So is anyone else experiencing the same … be good to get some feedback on this please

Many thanks


Can you post screenshots of those automations…. Black out any info you don’t want seen such as names, etc

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Yes these are what’s now called routines

They call scenes that have a lot of devices in to turn off or on depending on leaving or arriving .

These are about the tenth version of the automation as each time I’ve changed something to try and fix it and it’s not worked I recreated the automation just in case , particularly when living to Life360 sensors

Not sure if these will help in any way thou



Just as an additional point , after yet another re-install of Life360 and creating new routines both goodbye and I’m home worked for the first time in weeks … I’m not that optimistic that this will continue but let’s see !!

I noticed - ever since the announcement of “Automations becoming Routines” - a few weeks ago…
Many of my routines which had a rule like:

Turn on at 3PM
Automatically turn off after 10 hours.

They would be completely random.

For example, one rule had three identical outlets (Holiday Decorations)
One day they won’t turn on, but they will turn off.
Next day, all but one turns on - but they all turn off.

I have moved from using “Automatically turn off after XYZ hours” to a designated time.

Hello…update on mine… They stopped working after the second time, so worked once for goodbye and once for Im Home and stopped. Think I’m at the point of just using the ST hub as a zibeee and zwave hub and will write the automation into Home Assistant ( which never fails on geolocation) and start slowly to migrate over device by device as I believe ST as we know it is dead and will move to a more consumer focused ( TV, Washing Machine etc) market. There is just no development or recognition and resolution of the common problems to make ST a viable home automation system now and is in run out mode. Even the new ST energy does work …